All Things Wellness Boggers

Guidelines & Next Steps

What is a Blog?

  • A Blog is narrative and relatable.
  • They are punchy like a conversation.
  • They aren’t typically technically written; meaning slangs and nicknames are often present.
  • A blog might feel like you are reading someone’s journal entries or having coffee with them.
  • Good bloggers make you feel like they are talking directly to you and no one else.
  • ATW blogs range between 700-1500 words.

Who is in the ATW Blogging Family?

  • Check out Coach Peggy’s blogs:
  • Meet our Guest Bloggers:
  • Check out some of our Guest Bloggers’ brilliance:


  • If you would like to blog for All Things Wellness, email
  • Once selected, welcome to the ATW Family.
  • Have fun or be done! Be real. Use your emotions. Whether you have one blog that is super emotional, and the next one you are pissed off, make sure you are still enjoying writing blogs for us.
  • Use your own voice, wording, references. If you say damn, then say it.
  • No pressure regarding “consistent” themes for your content. You are not required to write every week about food, EVEN if your column is named Katie’s Kale Kloset. UNLESS you want to have a column with only food content.
  • You can repurpose other work as long as it is yours. Meaning if you have another blog published, a course, content, etc., and you own it, you can repurpose your work with ATW, but we ask you give it just a tad of new flavor.
  • Do not try to publish anyone else’s work. We will find out.
  • Do not be too teachy preachy. Our blogs are not articles. We love your wisdom – bring it, but have fun, too. Mix it up!
  • Blogging with us is not a sales pitch. You can “sell” your concepts, theories, and beliefs without mentioning products or pushing our readers to your Etsy store, per say. DO NOT SELL ON OUR SITE. Our bloggers tell stories. We will be sure people know where to find you…your email and website will be in your blogs. We share your blogs across many social media platforms.
  • If you reference another source, we need to reference it at the bottom of the blog. Please provide this information in your blog.
  • We do not accept any pictures to be used in the narrative portion of your blog. You may see some in the body of Coach Peggy’s Blogs .
  • We create all graphics. 

Launch Frequency

Once you are approved to blog for ATW, it is time to select your Launch Day and determine your blog Frequency. Your following will begin to expect your blog posts on certain days…they will look for you. You want this. You want a following. Regardless of how often you decide to post, pick a consistent day of the week.

  • Select your day of the week: Currently these days are open:
    • Weekly: Saturday, Monday
    • Bi-weekly: Saturday, Monday, first and second Thursday, and second and fourth Wednesdays.
    • Fridays and Sundays not open currently.
  • Frequency: weekly is the most frequent right now. The most infrequent is monthly.
    • Blogs post in the morning usually before 9 a.m. EST.

Name Your Column / Let’s Create Your Banner 

  • Think about your Column Theme. What type of atmosphere do you want to create? Do you want a kind of “chill sit on the couch” vibe, a learning center, or maybe a stand-up mic vibe? This will help you name your column.
  • Name your Column. Example: Christine’s Couch, Cyndi’s Table Talk, Faith’s Brain Dumps, Lori’s Lyrics, Beach Blasts with Martine’ are examples.
  • Once your Column is named, Peggy will work with you to create your blog banner, and bio.

How to submit your work

  • Blogs must be sent to Peggy at least one week in advance.
  • You may submit as many blogs as you like. We will hold them, and launch the blogs based on the order you select. Therefore, you can be weeks ahead decreasing stress about deadlines, HOWEVER, our moods shift, and bloggers often like to shift with them. Therefore, some bloggers like to stay more in the moment.
  • Email a word document or we can create a shared Google Drive. You decide.
  • Name your blogs with the blog title and the date you want it launched. EX: I Love Purple 05312022 (no spaces in the date).
  • Please use:
    • Font: Times Roman; 12 point; no bold.
    • Grammar: put punctuation inside quotes. Ex: “I love her dog.” Not “I love her dog”.
    • Use one space between sentences not two.
    • Left justify all paragraphs. No tabs/indents
  • Peggy will review and edit. If major she will come back to you for revisions.
  • Make sure you do your due diligence. Use the writing tools below. REALLY read and reread your work. Reading out loud has proven to be the best error catcher. We strive for max three edits.
  • Writing Tools
    • (The Hemingway App is what you need to write clean copy: unadorned, direct, active, and to the point. Hemingway honed his style as a journalist for many years before becoming a novelist.)
    • (Taking complex ideas and making them easy to understand.)
    • (audio text reader)

Social Media/Marketing 

  • Our bloggers support each other. When your blog is launched, the whole ATW Blogging Team via FB Messenger group will be informed. And they go to work supporting each other…commenting, cross sharing, etc.
  • All blogs are posted on Peggy’s IG, LinkedIn and three of FB sites in the morning of your selected day.
  • There is a Guest Blogger link on Coach Peggy’s which she often uses for others to find you.
  • Build your following, audience. Tell people you are a blogger when you do videos or even in your bios.
  • You are building your writing library – this builds credibility to other writing.
  • Currently the comment buttons are turned off on the ATW website as the filter system is under construction. The bots are not leaving fun comments.

Featured Columnist vs. Guest Blogger 

Once you have published 30 blogs with us, you become a true ATW Featured Columnist. You will have your own drop down on the Author Menu tab on the website. All of your personal blogs will appear in your own column vs. being in the Guest Blog sections. EX: how Coach Peggy’s blog drop down exists. Get to writing and become a Featured Columnist.