My friend, Victor Acquista, asked me, “Why do you write and why do you want to share stories?”

“I have been writing since I can remember. It started with those cute, little suede journals. You remember the ones with the secret key? I spent the next several decades writing content, programs, stories, poetry, and super awesome Christmas letters – duh. Stories connect us, help us understand different perspectives, educate us and ultimately, they change and save lives. You do not have to be a “writer” to share a story. Parents, divorcees, cancer patients, executives, waiters, students, domestic goddesses, or even cab drivers have stories to tell. My mission is to get these stories shared. Books, blogs, social media, radio, TV, or mountain tops, I will continue my days on this planet helping others connect with others. Let me help you! I got you.”

The Four-Fold Formula for All Things Wellness
~ True stories of the heart, spirit, mind, and body.

(Book 1)

The “formula” for being healthy and happy is similar to following a recipe. There are several moving parts. Many ingredients, several actions, and a final result. You would agree if you are missing even one single ingredient or direction, you simply will not have that prize-winning cupcake, right?!

Book one in the All Things Wellness book series introduces you to the ATW WheelTM (All Things Wellness Wheel).  The ATW WheelTM is a tool used to determine your current health and wellness status in 24 areas of your life. We call these areas the spokes of your wellness wheel. You will learn how the components of this wheel help you to find harmony within your heart, spirit, mind, and body and if neglected, how challenging it is to stay healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise.

In addition to learning about the  ATW WheelTM and The Four-Fold Formula for All Things Wellness, you will read true stories from 30 Contributing Authors about their Heart, Spirit, Mind, and Body. These stories will touch your heart, motivate, and inspire you.

James Redfield, the author of Celestine Prophecy, wrote the Foreward.

Published June 2023
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Win the Wellness W.A.R. (We Are Responsible)
~ True stories of the heart, spirit, mind, and body.

(Book 2)

Being healthy and happy doesn’t just happen. It takes awareness, education, strategy, consistency, emotional resiliency, and more. It sounds like planning for a battle or a war, doesn’t it? We need to be tactical in our efforts to find peace and healthy solutions that work for us, and those we love. How do you find peace and harmony in work, life, and play? It’s time to win the battles and the war – every time.

Emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, organizational, and financial growth are the framework of any military training unit. How do the troops prepare for duty? They have a unified goal for improvement. Your health, wellness and wellbeing are no different. Based on the concept of the  A.T.W. WheelTM, you learn strategies to Win the Wellness W.A.R. by taking responsibility for your own heart, spirit, mind, and body. The wheel teaches you how to assess your current skill level in 24 areas of your life, and level up by gaining strength, knowledge, and control to improve your quality of life.

We help you prepare for those battles, take responsibility, and Win the Wellness W.A.R. Maybe you struggle with emotional resiliency and can’t quite bounce back when you are hit with the unexpected. We will share ways you can assess obstacles before they happen and help you tackle punctures in your tires thus, you will Win the Wellness W.A.R.  You will practice mini challenges building your confidence to find peace and avoid a full-on Wellness W.A.R.

Dr. Hassan Tetteh, MD wrote the Foreword.

You will read stories from 30 Contributing Authors who have soldiered through their own health and wellness battles. Through their personal stories of despair, tragedy, or unforeseen obstacles, they have experienced personal growth. They share their triumphs with you. You will connect and learn from them, and their stories will motivate you to make changes in your wellness and wellbeing. 

Coming Summer 2024
Wellness G.P.S. -Get Prepared for Success
~ True stories of the heart, spirit, mind, and body.

(Book 3)

Wellness G.P.S. ties up the trilogy. It is the last book of the All Things Wellness series, Wellness G.P.S. (Get Prepared for Success). We will help you set destinations (goals) in your G.P.S. and show you how to align healthy habits as you design a “trip” (a goal). You will learn where, when, and how to get to that destination while maneuvering over speed bumps, shifting to a detour if necessary, and avoiding dead-ends. You will apply your learning styles, love languages, chronotype/bio-rhythms, right and left-brain approaches, review your habit history and more as you reach the “Land of Maintenance” and learn how to stay there. We are so excited to get that book in your hands.

Martariesa Logue is writing the Foreword.

You will also read true stories from 30 Contributing Authors about their Heart, Spirit, Mind, and Body.


The Unsheltered book series will share real stories from those who

~are currently unsheltered/homeless

~have been unsheltered/homeless in the past

~affected indirectly/a degree removed from being unsheltered/homeless (family members, friends, co-workers, etc.)

~are familiar with the personal and global effects of the unsheltered/homeless population

~are organizations and causes on the ground facing daily struggles with those who are unsheltered/homeless

Coming Summer 2024

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Tanner’s Landing Page
Tanner Tells T.A.L.E.S.
(Truth. Accountability. Love. Emotion. Support)

Tanner Tells Tales is a series of books written by a mother and son, that’s me…Peggy Willms & Tanner Willms. Through the eyes of a mother, Tanner’s tales are told. Tanner, who is now an adult and a father himself, shares his reflection as he looks back on these tales of himself as a growing boy. The Tanner Tells Tales series are lessons of Truth, Accountability, Love, Emotion and Support (TALES). Each illustrated book is accompanied by coloring pages, a maze, and a word search.

The Tanner Tells Tales series share several stories of a little boy’s internal and external trials and tribulations. At times he chose to fib when he wanted his own way, he took things that weren’t his, and he was even bullied. Through each of Tanner’s adventures, there is a lesson to be learned.

Each book ends with Tanner’s Take. His adult view looking back upon himself as a little boy. Why might he have done what he did? How did one story or event from his past life affect his present? Could it have been prevented by making different choices? What we he do differently if he could go back?

As a mentor, parent, or grandparent, reading these books to a youngster will teach both of you different ways to communicate, how to solicit truths, to express the importance of accountability, and offer a safe and supportive platform for a child to share his or her emotions as they grow through their years. These stories are ultimately about love. And the world always has space for more love.

Get excited for more of  Tanner’s Tells T.A.L.E.S. coming soon

~The Boy and His Pocket Pets
~The Boy with the Missing Shoes
~The Boy and the Lost Toys
~The Boy Who Was Bullied