Alysia Lyons is a mom first, an entrepreneur, a life coach, and author second. She is passionate about helping women live their lives with more joy from the inside out. She has her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and is a certified Master Neuro-Transformational Life Coach. Alysia guides her clients through long-lasting neurological shifts to help ease their guilt and increase their emotional freedom. She is the author of the blog The Mom Support Coach, which focuses on relationships, mom guilt, communication, and lessons she has learned throughout her daily life. She a published author in the books The Four-Fold Formula, Win the Wellness W.A.R., Wellness G.P.S., Good Moms Don’t: Ditch Mom Guilt & Find Your Happy and Good Moms Don’t: Lies, Truths and How to Conquer Mom Guilt, The Hart Breaks. She also blogs for All Things Wellness.



Andee Scarantino is a Mindset and Transformational coach specializing in identity work. Andee has an M.A. in Sociology from Columbia University. Her work incorporates how macro-level systems contribute to individual arrested development. She is the creator of and host of The Get the F*ck Off Podcast. She is a published author in the book The Four-Fold Formula and blogs for All Things Wellness.

TABLE TALK with Cyndi Wilkins

Cyndi Wilkins practices the art and science of therapeutic massage and energetic bodywork for nearly 20 years. She has a passion for writing/blogging and blazing new trails of innovative thinking. Her approach to healing is recognizing the mind and body function as one system. She believes in the co-creation of health, reinforcing mind, body, and spirit to explore the root causes of discomfort and disease. She is a published contributor author in The Four-Fold Formula, Win the Wellness W.A.R., and Wellness G.P.S. She shares her stories across multiple platforms as a featured contributor for BizCatalyst 360° an award-winning global media digest and blogs for All Things Wellness. She lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts, with her wife, their beautiful daughter, and ‘pandemic pets, Keena and Luna.

FAITH’S BRAIN DUMPS with Faith Pearce

I am a single mum of an adult daughter. I love animals which includes my eight fur babies. I am a published author of the book, The Four-Fold Formula, and a Columnist for All Things Wellness. I worked over three years in banking, four years in HR, and 10 years in Quality management. I am an artist, painter, and love to cook. Self-development is one of my passions, and empowering others to discover their own potential through a holistic approach. I dream of traveling the world.


Gina Lobito is a Transformational Coach and Energy Intuitive with a background in Bodywork, Shamanism, and Healing Arts. She worked in Law Enforcement for 14 ½ years, which sparked her interest in healing arts to maintain her wellness and compassion for life. Gina facilitated Full Moon Drum Circles and began her journey into the healing power of the drum and sound. She has advanced studies in Self Mastery, which led her to create Soul-Inspired to guide others through their transformation and Ascension Process. She is a published contributing author in the book, The Four-Fold Formula. She also is a contributor for BizCatalyst 360°. She hosts a radio show, has sheepadoodle, loves the beach, and lives in California.

SPEAKING WITH PAPA with Jeanmarie Epps-Trice

Hello, Dear Friends,
Come play with me,
For we are all One,
Within a vast blue Sea.
We are waves in oceans of Love,
Kissed by our Loving Sun from above.
I am a wave within this Sea,
Yes, I am you, and you are me.
Names and labels should never Be,
For All are wonderous, beautiful and free.

Jeanmarie is a contributing author in the book Wellness G.P.S. and blogs for All Things Wellness.

SEEKING JOY with Joy Adedoyin Fashagba

My name is Joy Adedoyin Fashagba, and I’m a ghostwriter and makeup artist. I’m based in Abuja, Nigeria. I love storytelling and the ability to use words to invoke emotions. I am a reading enthusiast and created a book club where I read books on different topics.
It is important to me to connect with new people, create meaningful conversations, learn new things, listen to good music, and continue to improve my quality of life.

I’m currently taking my MBA program, and it feels good to learn about a new field of study. Who knows what it might bring in the future? I guess the beauty of life is to live and just be ready to embrace the uncertainty of life.

BELOW THE SURFACE with Lara Scriba

Lara loves exploring new places, whether she’s sailing the world with her family or discovering the nuances of her inner world, her curiosity always leads her to look just below the surface. Her passion for supporting herself and others to heal through a holistic lens has been nurtured by her background in nursing and current work as a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher specializing in stress resilience, ayurvedic habits and eating disorder recovery, Numerologist, and Intuitive Coach. She is a published contributor author in the books Win the Wellness W.A.R., and Wellness G.P.S. Lara also blogs for All Things Wellness. She delights in co-creating an experience with others to reignite their inner spark, shine a light on the beauty and wisdom that already exists, and cultivate a deep sense of self-trust.

LORI’S STORIES with Lori Walker

Lori Walker is a Usui Reiki Master, Holy Fire Reiki Master, a founding member of Book Club-Pittsburgh, and a blogger for All Things Wellness. Two of her poems, I Want to Know and Tomorrow were published in the 2022 edition of Women’s Resources Around Pittsburgh. She is a contributing author in Mayhem to Miracles – Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope, The Four-Fold Formula, Wellness G.P.S., and blogs for All Things Wellness. She enjoys spending time with friends, family, and the most important person in her world, her precious son, John.

BEACH BLASTS with Martine’ Emmons

Martiné Emmons is a Certified Transformation Life Coach serving women who have overcome trauma and adversity. Martine′ also hosts her radio show, Transformation with Martine′ (Conquer Everything, Compromise Nothing) on Transformation Talk Radio. Martine′ spent over 20 years in the corporate world as a Paralegal and Executive Assistant and still enjoys helping therapists and coaches run their businesses as an Executive Virtual Assistant. She is a published contributor author in The Four-Fold Formula, Win the Wellness W.A.R., and Wellness G.P.S. and also blogs for All Things Wellness. Martine′ loves staying active in all areas of her life and finds travel, especially to ocean destinations, the best thing ever! She lives in Michigan with her husband.

MICHELLE’S MOMENTS with Michelle Lange

Michelle is a heart-centered soul, etheric artist, author, ghostwriter, speaker, and radio show host for Radio Hawkes Bay. Michelle is a resilient Stage 3 breast cancer survivor. As she navigates profound life changes while adapting to a new normal, she is a devoted mother to a daughter with unique circumstances. Rather than focusing on disability, Michelle is championing the discovery of her daughter’s exceptional abilities. According to Michelle, survival transcends mere existence; it’s about flourishing with unwavering positivity through every stage of life. Writing is her synergistic catalyst to divine imagination.

SOUL WHAT NOW? with Patricia McNair

Patricia is a born seer, an open Trans-channel, Earth-worker, and a Spiritual Teacher whose passion and Divine Gift is to share with everyone how truly Divine and Worthy they are.  With Solutions for their whole being, allowing them to have a deeper KNOWING of who they truly are and how they are known within the Universe.


Ziggy is a father, husband, and an aspiring live streamer. He has also been a Master Barber for 20+ years. Ziggy is a published contributing author in The Four-Fold Formula, Win the Wellness W.A.R., and Wellness G.P.S. He also blogs for All Things Wellness. Ziggy spends his days split between family and work life in the daytime and then into the cyber universe at night.

JOE TALK with Joe DiMeo

Joe is the world’s first successful face and double-hand transplant recipient. At the age of 20, a tragic car accident left Joe with 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body, and he spent 3.5 months in a coma. After ten months on a donor list, Joe beat the odds and found a donor. There was only a 6% chance of a match. It took a 140-person medical team 23 hours to complete his transplants. Joe continues to focus on his therapy and is highly motivated to encourage others to face challenges in their life. Joe is an avid proponent of organ, blood, and tissue donors. Joe is in the process of writing his autobiography. He lives in New Jersey with his girlfriend and their beloved dogs, Kirkland and Buster.