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This show is redefining Wellness & Wellbeing. How many people in your life have told you you’re half of this or half of that? Have you settled for less than being all? No More! I’m Coach Peggy, and I’m telling you we are about All Things Wellness. That does not mean just nutrition or fitness. It’s about your money, about your life, the way you live and about the romance. This show is All Things Wellness, and you deserve it! All Things Wellness is to put an end to anything that is not all things all fulfilling, all abundance and all prosperous.

Tune in for experts in all fields to learn how literally EVERYTHING in your life is part of your All Things Wellness. We are going to be bold, badass and more than anything, we are never going to be half in! Welcome to All Things Wellness!

Our audience will experience stories and personal accounts from REAL PEOPLE with REAL PROBLEMS seeking REAL SOLUTIONS who find REAL RESULTS and tell REAL STORIES. You might laugh or cry – shoot, Peggy might, too. Join us, and let’s GET REAL.

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