Tanner Tells T.A.L.E.S.
(Truth. Accountability. Love. Emotion. Support.)

Tanner Tells T.A.L.E.S.  is a series of books written by a mother, that’s me, and a son, that’s Tanner Willms. Through the eyes of a mother, Tanner’s tales are told. Tanner, who is now an adult and a father himself, shares his reflection as he looks back on these tales of himself as a growing boy. The Tanner Tells Tales series are lessons of Truth, Accountability, Love, Emotion, and Support (TALES). Each illustrated book is accompanied by coloring pages, a maze, and a word search.

The Tanner Tells T.A.L.E.S. series shares several stories of a little boy’s internal and external trials and tribulations. At times he chose to fib when he wanted his own way, he took things that weren’t his, and he was even bullied. Through each of Tanner’s adventures, there is a lesson to be learned.

Each book ends with Mom’s Take and Tanner’s Take. Our adult view looking back at his shenanigans as a little boy. Why might he have done what he did? How has his childhood influenced his adult life? Could it have been prevented by making different choices? What we he do differently if he could go back?

As a mentor, parent, or grandparent, reading these books to a youngster, you will process different ways to communicate, how to solicit truths, express the importance of accountability, and offer a safe and supportive platform for a child to share his or her emotions as they grow through their years. These stories are ultimately about love. And the world always has space for more love.

Be sure to grab the free downloadable puzzle, maze, and coloring pages.

The Boy With The Broken Nose

Tanner wants to play outside. And he wants to play in one of his favorite places. The humungous pine tree in the backyard. The one that drops pinecones as big as your hand. The one with the old boards nailed into the limbs waaaay up high was built by the family who lived there before. The one he is NOT supposed to climb. What happens to Tanner when he doesn’t listen to his mom and decides to do just what she tells him NOT to do? And what happens if Tanner is not honest about what he did?

FREE coloring pages & maze will be available
Tanner’s Writing

Tanner began reciting poetry before he could write. Until he could write himself, his mom helped him.

Sleepy Head

Tanner played so hard as a little boy, he would fall asleep just about anywhere. Even when he is eating an ice cream cone.

Goof Ball

Tanner has always been silly.

Sports Freak

Tanner played a lot of sports, ultimately settling on motocross and supercross. He was a state and national competitor. At age 21, he had a horrible motorcycle accident that shattered his ankles. He had to learn to walk again.

Peggy Willms has been a certified personal trainer, sports performance nutritionist, and personal and executive health, wellness, and life coach for over thirty years. Peggy is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and is a featured contributor for BizCatalyst360, an international online magazine. She is the host of The Coach Peggy Show and wellness retreat host. She spent over twenty years in corporate wellness and has managed multi-million-dollar medical clinics and has earned multiple business and work-site wellness awards. Peggy has two sons and two grandsons. She loves all things beach and sunshine and lives in Florida with her better half.  Reach out to Peggy: Linktr.ee/coachpeggy

Tanner Willms is a bestselling author, logistics specialist and spent six years in the oil and gas industry as an NDT inspector. Tanner spent most of his life competitively racing motocross. He had to learn to walk again at the age of 21 after a tragic motocross accident left him with two shattered ankles. Tanner is a writer and music lover. He finds solace in the simple things in life. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Brittney, and two sons, Crew and Dutton.  Contact Tanner: twillms@gmail.com

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Our mission is to help children connect to their parents, mentors, and each other by creating a safe and supportive environment to share feelings and thoughts without judgment.

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