VIP Coaching

We dig down and find the secret sauce. YOUR secret sauce. The answers for YOU in YOUR REAL WORLD.
Virtual Zoom meetings for 30-60 minute weekly to bi-weekly increments based on client needs and results. This also includes VIP access and communication via a private Facebook site with you and Coach Peggy.

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My mission is to offer diverse coaching programs – something for everyone: one-on-one, partners, buddies, Master Classes, small group series, corporate wellness, and wellness retreats. We design and deliver creative and innovative theories, strategies, and tools based on the ATW: All Things Wellness Model: heart, spirit, mind and body. We meet clients on their personal wellness path in their Real World, which is the only place it will embed long term.

Coach Peggy is an Innovator. And she has a plan for you. No longer can wellness and wellbeing be addressed separately! Her revolutionary model and approaches guide you every single step of the way. Together you choose a plan that meets AND EXCEEDS your desires and needs. You will dive deep into corners of your heart, spirit, mind and body. If not now – then when. Your wellness and wellbeing are waiting for you!


This trademarked multi-dimensional approach is used with all clients to align wellness and wellbeing within 24 areas of your life.


Certified coach on several levels: Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Executive and Team Coach.


Experienced in coaching executives on optimal wellness, relationships, productivity, behavior, habit and stress management, and so much more.


Resort location Wellness Retreat Host and Coach: extensive nutrition, fitness, and mindset workshops.


I believe you are stronger, smarter and braver than you do. That’s why you will often here me say, “Pretend to trust me until you do.”
You know that moment when you realize you have mastered your wellness? Or that you will never fall off the Roller Coaster of Life? Yeah, me either so let’s get ready for the ride!
  • I will teach you about how your habits and behavior affect the success of your nutrition, exercise, relationships, organization and more.

  • I will teach you how to become a Mindset Master.

  • I will help you to experience a way of wellness that works in REAL WORLD scenarios.

  • I will share tools to bounce back and stay on track.


Personal One-On-One

Expect the unexpected – expect a high level of accountability, creative new health, wellness and lifestyle content, experiential challenges, tough-love support and lethal empowerment to propel you to take bold actions. If you match my effort and the belief I have in you, you will accelerate and achieve your results.
Saying “YES” to our experience together means you are willing to show up! Show up for yourself in a whole new way: emotionally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. And you also show up for us because WE ARE A FAMILY – we are not just a team – and what you do matters to me! I am excited to celebrate your wins, shifts, and achievements – let’s get started.


From Individual Coaching to Full Certification

Let me ask you, how often has a diet book author, personal trainer or coach asked you, “Do you work 60 hours or 10? Do you havef our children or none? Do you have diabetes or heart disease, under or overweight? Do you have a spouse that constantly sabotages all your goals?” Let me grab my wallet, so I can put my money on the NEVER ASKED button.


We are in this together. I love you and I mean it! Don’t give up on your wellness journey just because you’ve yo-yo’d back and forth, up and down for so many years. I will help you lift yourself up by strengthening each wellness pillar.

Utilizing our trademarked 4-spoke ATW Wheel, we gather high-level personal assessments, and work with you to develop personal strategies to shift your wellness and well-being behaviors to not just meet but exceed your needs, desires, and goals.

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The Silver plan is out our trademarked 8-spoke ATW Wheel mid-level program. We gather personal assessments, collaboratively design your needs, desires and goals based on your REAL WORLD – what makes sense in your life and lifestyle. We create strategies and design experiments to ensure you shift your wellness and wellbeing behaviors in a direction to not just meet but exceed your needs, desires, and goals. Pre- and Post- biometric, strength and other outcomes-based analyses.

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Extensive and continuous personal assessments as well as strategies, tools and experiments aligning your personality, behavior and habit traits into your REAL WORLD lifestyle schedule and patterns. The Gold plan offers the highest potential rate of success of all of our programs. This program also has periodic biometric, strength and other outcomes-based analyses throughout the program. The Gold plan utilizes in-depth education and training with our trademarked 24-spoke ATW Wheel.

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6-month certification includes: individual and group series training with document access, training videos, and ATW trademarked tool usage. Specific requirements must be met and maintained.

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Personal and Professional

Your wellness and wellbeing go to work with you and your work tends to go home with you. In today’s world, more than ever, we struggle to find harmony among personal, professional and play. We are tired, stressed, feel guilty and are overwhelmed. Wellness and wellbeing start at the top of the org chart. No more lip service. I have answers for leadership and employees.
We work with Leadership to walk the talk for this unique 12-week initiative. Weeks 1 and 12 are presented at the corporate site. Weeks 2-10 are coached virtually. We “go home” with employees. Our delivery system allows our coaches to guide your employees in their REAL WORLD. We “travel” with them whether work or pleasure. We are your company’s missing link to improving your employees’ health.


One-on-One, Groups, and Couples

Retreat (excludes all transportation: airfare and transportation to/from VRBO and airport). Develop new relationships with those who want to be the best version of themselves and live healthy lifestyles.
Attend interactive, holistic approached workshops focused on nutrition, physical activity, mindset and behavioral development/management. With creative problem solving you will enjoy learning how to stay well in your world. We get smarter, stronger and braver together in the beautiful sunshine of the Gulf Coast. Kicks off with a private group Facebook site and a virtual meeting to get acquainted.
Sample Itinerary for both retreats
  • Four, 1.5 hour interactive workshops and Group FAQ sessions

  • 30-minute, one-on-one appointments

  • Three fitness workouts

  • Lodging at a gorgeous vacation home on the Gulf Coast with a pool and hot tub

  • Food: meals/snacks included (one exception: one restaurant meal paid individually)

  • 5 hour Sunset-Dolphin boat tour

  • Trip to the Beach

  • Chair Massage

  • Free-Time: relax, swim in the heated pool, enjoy the sun, kayak and bike rentals optional

  • Head home with your next-steps’ plan


Theme-based series happening each year.

Our virtual series allow you to live or travel anywhere in the world and still participate with a group of like-lifestyle people via ZOOM, a classroom-type application. You learn to re-wire old habits, and design your own nutrition plans and fitness menus based on multiple experiments. You develop new social systems, participate in creative challenges and team-building, and more. All series have their own private Facebook sites loaded with content, boundless empowerment and motivation, and an indescribable venue for transparency with your ATW Family.



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