Andy Vargo 

Podcast host, Own Your Awkward, bestselling author, creator of the Awkward Journal series, and Own Your Awkward Life Changes, speaker, coach, and comedian. If you ever feel awkward about yourself, then you can understand how Andy Vargo lived the first forty years of his life. Coming out of the closet at forty doesn’t define him. Pursuing his passion to help others does. Having changed everything about his life, Andy leads others as a motivational speaker and helps people live their fullest lives as a business and life-change coach. At night you can find him working stages around the northwest as a comedian making light of his journey with the gift of laughter. Awkward is not only his brand, but his style as Andy encourages us all to ‘Own Your Awkward’ and be true to your genuine self. Andy hosts the podcast, Own Your Awkward, authored the Awkward Journal series and Own Your Awkward Life Changes, and shares his thoughts and ideas in his blog and video series available at awkwardcareer.com.



Beauty & the Beast Publishing

Shara Lewis-Campbell is the Co-founder of Beauty & the Beast, a multi-award-winning independent book publishing and media company based in the U.K. and U.S.A. She has authored eight publications and is the publisher of over seventy additional book publications and counting. She is also Co-founder of THE SHIFT, a non-profit organization of writers and creative professionals, seeking mass changes to social reform for underserved communities impacted by race, class, and economic inequality. Shara has over twenty-five years of industry experience. Shara has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature/Letters from the University of Birkbeck in London.



Teresa Velardi

Radio Host, Conversations That Make a Difference on DreamVisions7Radio, Owner of Authentic Endeavors Publishing, Multi Bestselling Author, Speaker, Potter, and Transformational Life Coach.


Dom Brightmon

Top-rated Podcast Host called Going North which ranked in the top 10 of all self-help podcasts in the world for three years consecutive years, bestselling author, and Certified Self-Leadership Trainer inspiring others to create their own piece of immortality.


Diane Wyzga

Profile photo of Diane Wyzga Clarifying Ideas and Amplifying Messages

Diane combines a background in law, healthcare, business, and narrative, she uses the power of story for social change shifting attitudes, behavior, and culture. She hosts a global podcast (Women Who Walk) and is also a Featured Contributor for BizCatalyst 360.


Tamara Stregare-Boehlke

Tamara is a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach, as well as a Certified Money Business Breakthrough Coach. She has been in the online/digital marketing space since 2009 with a highly developed skill set in promotion and marketing, as well as graphic design. She has a BA degree in the field of Education, as well as advanced training in professional coaching programs. She has achieved awards in marketing and advertising and serves as a judge for a National Marketing and Advertising competition. Tamara’s mission and one of her greatest joys is knowing that she can strategically help business owners get closer to achieving their goals and living the life of their dreams.



Dennis Pitocco  

Founder. CEO & Reimaginator of 360° Nation, encompassing a wide range of multimedia enterprises, including BizCatalyst 360° —an award-winning global media digest; 360° Nation Studios —dedicated to reaching across the world in an effort to capture, produce, and deliver positive, uplifting messages via game-changing productions such as HopeFest 360°GoodWorks 360°. Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Consultant.


Mark Reid

Mark inspires independent thinkers on his Zen Sammich podcast. He has an MA from Florida State University in philosophy and religious studies and graduated from Syracuse University of Law. He is an attorney and professor turned Washi (Japanese paper) Maker. Mark is also a bestselling author and an award-winning contributor at BIZCATALYST 360.


Dr. Jo Anne White

Dr. Jo Anne White is an International #1 bestselling, award-winning author, speaker, and consultant. She received a distinguished appointment as a Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA), recognized for her civil and humanitarian work in Education, Women’s Rights, Entrepreneurship, and Coaching. As a certified life, leadership, spiritual, and business coach, and energy master teacher, she empowers and inspires men, women, families, and businesses to achieve greater health and wellness, master success, thrive, and triumph. She is the executive producer and host of Power Your Life radio and TV shows. She is also a Featured Contributor at BizCatalyst 360.

Joe Ikler

Joe is a Certified Profession Co-Active Coach (CPCC).  Jeff is the Director of Coaching at Quetico Executive Career and Personal Leadership Coaching, a podcast Co-host, Getting Unstuck – Educators Leading Change, a member of Forbes Coaches Council, a Featured Contributor at BizCatalyst 360, 


Dr. Pat Baccili 

Owner of The Transformation Network-Live Streaming TV/Broadcast Company, International award-winning radio host, The Dr. Pat Show – Talk Radio to Thrive By, CEO of a successful motivational company, TV commentator, Keynote Speaker, Certified Career and Belief Coach, award-winning Author/Researcher-Broken Promises, Founder of Street Smart Spirituality.


Eileen Bild

Executive Producer at OTELproductions, ROKU Channel TV Host called OTEL TALK, Bestselling Author, Internationally Syndicated Columnist for Life Coaching Magazine, Women’s Voice Magazine, and BizCatalyst360, Breakthrough S.P.A.R.K. Coach.



Christine Innes

Editor and Chief, Corporate Escapist, TV and podcast host, 4x #1 International Amazon bestselling author, keynote speaker, and educator, hailing from Australia. Mission: share 1 million stories by 2027.


Christopher Rausch

Christopher Rausch is debatably the world’s most effective and impactful UNSTOPPABLE “No Excuses” coach, speaker, bestselling author, workshop facilitator, and retreat leader. He holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and, for over three decades, has applied his education and life experiences both personally and professionally. Rausch has earned a reputation for straight talk, no-bullshit delivery, and a “No Excuses’” philosophy and has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for living life and leading a ‘KICKASS’ life. Catch Christopher’s RAW & UNSCRIPTED Show on YouTube.


Heather Hansen O’Neill

Heather is an international keynote speaker, behavioral expert, author of Find Your Fire, Teams on Fire! and coauthor of the Amazon bestseller, Where’s the Office? Moving Today’s Leaders from What IS to What CAN BE. She is also a 2x TEDx speaker, host of the popular podcast From Fear to Fire, and creator of L-FOCUS (Leadership For Our Children’s Ultimate Success). She stimulates vibrant energy, focus, and action for those who want to collaborate effectively, lead change, and achieve massive results. Heather’s mission is to open leaders’ minds and hearts to the possibilities within them. 


Martiné Emmons

Host of Transformation with Martine′ (Compromise Nothing, Conquer Everything) on Transformation Talk Radio, Best-selling Author, Certified Transformational Life Coach, Mentor Coach, and virtual executive assistant for coaches and therapists. If you want to set up a TEDx Talk, Martiné is your girl.


Dr. Hassan A. Tetteh, MD, MPA, MBA, FACS

Dr. Tetteh is a U.S. Navy Captain, a heart and lung transplant surgeon, the creator of The Art of Human Care book series, founder and principal of the Tetteh Consulting Group, national best-selling author, and an avid marathoner.

Frank Zaccari

U.S. Air Force Veteran, multi Best-selling Author, Business Advisor, Speaker, Educator, TV Show Host, and International Radio Show host, Life-Altering Events, which recently moved to Roku TV and has 220,000 listeners in 42 countries.


David Berenbaum  

David serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing Counseling at the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development and has held executive positions with the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, the Equal Rights Center, the Fair Housing Council of Greater Washington, and Long Island Housing Services. David speaks across the country and has testified before Congress many times as a non-partisan subject matter expert, has served on many public and private sector advisory and social enterprise boards, has appeared as an expert on national news magazines and media shows, and has been regularly quoted by news sources across the country. 

James Redfield 

James is an American author, lecturer, screenwriter and film producer. His New York Times Best-Selling book Celestine Prophecy has sold over 23 million copies, ultimately becoming a movie. The Celestine Prophecy has become one of the most successful books of all time. This phenomenal novel spent over 3 years on the New York Times best sellers list. James has gone on to write several more books (another in the works) and is also the co-founder of celestinevision.com where he is active with the CP Community and Celestine Coaching.