Here are a few questions we have heard along the way…

Q: I have nothing special to say – who would care if I wrote a story?

A: We all have something special to say. Whether you are a hoarder, recovering addict, trauma victim, have experienced an over- or under-weight journey, are combatting a difficult disease or disorder, have ridden a financial rollercoaster, etc., you have a story to tell. Every experience connects us. We are more alike than not. You are special and so is your story.

Q: What if I share something that makes someone angry or hurts them?

A: Tell your own narrative before someone else does. We all have our own perspective, and stories can be prefaced in a way to express just that – “This story is my perspective…” Most of us are waiting for the “main character” in our story to die before we are willing to share the experience. Remember YOU are the main character. Don’t be silenced. You own your story. You do not need to defame someone or be disrespectful in order to share your life journey. You can also create “fake” names for your characters as long as your story is true. We do this, especially for our trauma or homeless storytellers.

Q: My story will stir up too much in me, and I am not ready for it to bubble. I have buried this.

A: Your stories do not have to be deep to connect and change lives. This opportunity allows you to baby step. Your story will be inspirational and motivating – trust us. However, we have seen multiple times, that our storytellers have healed from digging deep and peeling back the onion from old wounds. We got you. Remember you are writing to connect and help others, too.

Q: I am afraid of the publicity it might generate.

A: We get that…eww, going public. Uh Oh. However, you are in control. You can deny interviews, writing opportunities, etc., until you are ready – and maybe you never will be. However, you are now a published author, so when you are ready to share your experience, it is there. If you write again, you can then draw attention to your first story. Maybe you decide to take advantage of the decreased author copies we offer and increase your income by selling copies of the book on your website or in book signings. Being a published author enhances your professional career whether you want a speaking opportunity or seek another job. Being published always increases your credibility and celebrity. Your book is also a lovely gift.

Q: I don’t have time.

A: No time? PAWLEEEZE. We make time for the things we want and need. You are not writing a novel at this time. You are getting your feet wet. Believe it or not, once you start, 2,000 words come fast. Another option if you feel you truly do not have time for a “fresh” story, consider repurposing something you have already written: a journal entry, a blog, or a chapter out of an old or new book. The story requirement is that it just has to be personal and true.

Q: Why would I want to become a Published Author?

A:  Again, you gain instant credibility, authority, and celebrity, AND you will make an impact by sharing your life experience with others.

Q: Why is our compilation book for you?

A: You go on a journey with us, 30 other writers and multiple media partners. A journey unlike any other. We are writing a three-book All Things Wellness compilation book series. Our first book launched in 2022 called The Four-Fold Formula for All Things Wellness. The second called, Win the Wellness W.A.R. (We Are Responsible), launched in September of 2023 and book three, Wellness G.P.S. launches in the Summer of 2024. We also bring together a team of Media Partners and a fantastic publishing team. Our All Things Wellness Family is strong, and you become a member.

Q: Why is there an out-of-pocket investment for my story?

A: Simply put…

  • Most publishing companies charge upwards of $20,000 for publishing your work. YOUR INVESTMENT IS NOWHERE NEAR THAT.
  • In most cases, an agent, editor, and marketing package aren’t included in publishing costs. WE TAKE CARE OF THIS FOR YOU.
  • Most authors submit their work dozens of times before being accepted by a publishing company. WE WORK WITH YOU IN HOPES YOUR STORY IS A NATURAL FIT.

We provide editing, publishing, marketing, and media opportunities for you at no extra investment. You also receive more benefits which are covered under the LEARN MORE button on the Author Page.

Q. I am not a professional writer. Do you help us?

A: You do not have to be a professional writer. We work with you personally to help put your story on paper and maintain your voice. We all have stories to tell, and we help you from initial thought to publication. You email your story to Peggy Willms, who works directly with you. Once you feel comfortable with the outcome, and it meets the standards, the next phase of the process begins. Perhaps you have a desire to publish your own book. This is a great way to get your feet wet and experience the process. Submitting a 2,000-word story, and letting us do the rest, allows you to test the waters.

Q: I am already a published author. Why would I participate?

A: We are so proud of you. This is a great way to do something different. Being a part of such a large writing project is a unique, unmatched experience. Beyond the opportunity of being able to become a published author again, you get to mention your other work in your interviews. Dust off that old work and get it selling again. Also, this trip around, we do the leg work for you. And you create relationships and potential collaborations with dozens of other contributing authors. Sit back and simply write.

Q: Can I repurpose other work for this compilation book?

A: Yes. Utilizing some of your previous work, whether it is a blog or a novel, is a nice way to participate in this multi-author experience when time is of the essence or if you want your message seen by a different audience. You can also repurpose this work in the future. The only requirement is that you mention this book as the origination of your work and you do not share it until after the publication/launch date.

Q: What interactions will I have with the other Contributing Authors and Media Partners?

A; We literally create a sense of community, cultivate relationships, and develop collaborations by bringing together the brilliant hearts and minds of our storytellers. We begin with a private Facebook group. Everyone gets to know each other better in this group. We share our social media handles, and the group starts connecting immediately. Participating in a project with us allows you to connect personally and professionally with 30 other people and multiple Media Partners with international platforms. We market the book extensively and help you develop your new followers. You will be offered interview opportunities to shine the light on your message, business, or other published books if you are already an author.