An Invitation to Trust

By: Lara Scriba


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The Blue Moon this month offered an extra opportunity to reflect on how to embrace the upcoming energy of September, an invitation to trust. After an intense month of active release and purposeful integration, I was acknowledging a few hard truths that required that I step up and into alignment with what my heart and soul knew to be true. The only permission or validation I truly need is my own.

We tend to outsource our worthiness as if it’s up for debate. Showing up and giving our best performance and then anxiously waiting for our scores to come in. Was that enough? Am I worthy? Am I enough? The illusive feeling of ‘I’ll be happy when”… but that “when” never comes. The bar is always raised, another opportunity arises, and the fear of “settling” creeps in. The sense of striving never ends.

Even when the answers from the outside are positive and encouraging, the validation falls flat. The need to be seen, heard, and valued is an inside job. Without your own approval, love, acceptance, and forgiveness, no one else can convince you of your own worth.

Blinded by the many shiny objects of opportunity that surrounded me, I had inundated myself with an unsustainable level of business. I love to learn and challenge myself to gain new skills while always on a mission to master the modalities that I hold so dear. Moving often also requires immense effort, organization, and constant reintegration of rhythms while assessing everyone’s needs and wants. There are endless opportunities around me to embrace more, more, more. A wonderful problem to have, but the insatiable act of striving forced a future focus, and I lost sight of the abundance that surrounded me at this very moment. 

I needed to press pause and reevaluate what truly brought value to my life. So I sat and became still. Still enough, long enough to hear the whispers of my soul’s true desires. I lost myself in the flow of my breath until the answers found me.

Flowing freely, the answers tumbled effortlessly from pen to paper…

Slow down and immerse yourself in the exquisiteness of this exact moment. Breathe in the sweetness that life has to offer while digging your toes into the warm soil of the earth. 

Ground your being so you can energetically open yourself to the abundance surrounding you. 

Soak it in like the rays of the sun, slowly warming the skin on a cold summer morning. Notice how the steady rhythm of the breath anchors you securely to the shared essence of earth and energy, density, and flow. 

A vibrant container that can effortlessly vacillate between both worlds, fullness and emptiness, joy and heartache, light and dark, simplicity and depth. I hold the capacity to experience it all. My breath allows me to be with, embody, and embrace it all.

As my breath expands, so does my light. Softly illuminating the path before me, steadily placing one foot in front of the other as the energy wells up inside, and I finally begin to dance. 

Arms wide, ready to embrace the unknown, heart open, ready to receive the love and support needed to fuel this soul’s journey. Unapologetically radiant, I, too, have become the light.

There is an invitation this month to trust. To take inspired action towards the calling of your soul’s true desires. To trust that you are held, that you are more than enough, and that it is safe to trust the wisdom that reveals itself in those quiet moments. Wisdom whispers, get quiet and be still. You contain all the answers you need.

Even if it initially feels like you’re not doing enough, allow yourself to feel the unease the spaciousness release creates. We often create our own chaos and make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Let it be easy, release the need for perfection, and get messy. Clarity comes by taking action. Your path will become clear with each step forward you take. Trust will build as you consistently show up for yourself and act upon the nudges you receive to take action, all while immersing in the delight of the present moment.  

Lara Scriba
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC
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