Fly Like an Eagle

By: Cyndi Wilkins 

(3 min. read)

I had an interesting experience while in session with a client today. I often receive messages in the form of symbols, such as animals, colors, geometric shapes, numbers, etc. Sometimes, even departed loved ones come through as a memory emerges or a fragrance permeates my senses. But most of the time, a picture will appear like a snapshot that flashes on the screen of my mind’s eye.  

I took note of everything I saw and pulled the pieces together as a reading for my client to refer to whenever she was feeling overwhelmed or “off her game.” There has been an enormous amount of emotionally charged energy rising over the last few months, and every one of us is feeling it and experiencing the fallout in our own unique ways. But this reading seemed so universal that I simply had to share it with all of you. Here goes… 

In the coming year, we are all going to have the opportunity to see and experience major growth and transformational shifts occurring in our inner and outer worlds. These changes are positive in vibration and are breaking down our old systems and behavioral patterns and setting us on a new course for a brighter and much lighter future. 

After a very tumultuous start to 2024, we are now entering into a time of grace, personal growth, and expansion of consciousness heading into 2025. Even amidst the continuing chaos around us, we are repeatedly given the opportunity to face whatever we fear most for the purpose of moving past it and moving forward in our journey here on earth. 

This is also the time to remember who we are and why we came here. Seek relationships that are symbiotic in nature and remain steadfast in your pursuits. It is important to stay grounded, even as you feel the earth move beneath you. You are not imagining things! There is a tremendous transformational shift that is occurring, and we are all along for the ride! 

Stand tall in the face of adversity and promote healing through open-mindedness. Call upon your strengths and creativity to guide you through any challenges that may arise, and remember the importance of self-care. Relaxation and communion with nature nourish your spirit with the strength and resilience to endure life’s challenges. 

A spiritual rebirth has given rise to the marriage of heaven and earth, reinforcing the interconnectedness of all earthly beings and those in spirit. We are encouraged to love deeply, with gratitude and joy. As the stewards of this beautiful planet, we are responsible to protect her, not destroy her.  

We must nurture all life on earth with the compassionate aspects of feminine energy while maintaining the strength and protection associated with the masculine. Nurture this relationship with love, honor, and support for the health and well-being of all life on earth. 

Embrace the future with hope and vitality as you reclaim your personal power. Now, you are ready to accept any challenge head-on without the burden of fear. You have risen to the heights of the eagle, and there will be no turning back…You are free to fly on eagle’s wings. 

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ 
Into the future 

I wanna fly like an eagle 
To the sea 
Fly like an eagle; let my spirit carry me 
I want to fly like an eagle 
‘Til I’m free 
Oh Lord, through the revolution 

Feed the babies 
Who don’t have enough to eat 
Shoe the children 
With no shoes on their feet 
House the people 
Livin’ in the street 
Oh, oh, there’s a solution 

I want to fly like an eagle 
To the sea 
Fly like an eagle; let my spirit carry me 
I want to fly like an eagle 
‘Til I’m free 
Fly through the revolution 

– Steve Miller Band 

Cyndi Wilkins
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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