Are You Parenting From Your Intuition

By: Alysia Lyons

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I think we can all agree that no one can do a job the way you can, am I right, Mom?

I am reminded of this every time I ask my son, Zander, or even my boyfriend, Larry, to do something I normally do. And when I was away from home for 12 days last month, it was no exception. I came home to a messy kitchen, dusty surfaces, and a mountain of mail.

By no means am I upset by this, as I stated before, no one can do the things I do the way that I can do them. It can be a cool way of feeling appreciated. I actually thought more moms should take time away from the home, hubby, and children to give them all a taste of ALL that we do. But I digress.

I sat down today to write this blog but every fiber of my being was tremendously irritated by the mess I had on my desk. That mountain of mail I mentioned had a lot of documents I wanted to have scanned before I tossed it.

Honestly, I struggle to get anything done at my desk when it is not, at the very least, organized. And my desk was far from organized.

Typically, I write blogs during a co-working session with some of my writing friends. Everything is more fun with a buddy, I say. And at the beginning of the call, I mentioned that I really wanted to spend the first part of the call moving my scanner from one end of my desk to another to make printing and scanning easier.

And I am so glad I did.

My scanner is now within arm’s reach, and I was able to scan my “endless” pile in about 30 mins. The things I needed to take care of that didn’t involve scanning were added to my to-do list for another day, and I was able to set them aside and start writing.

The excitement I felt when I sat down to write after I’d tidied my desk is what prompted this blog.

I’ve learned over the last several months to really start listening to my intuition; that little voice in my head that tells me to do things like grab my purse, not just my wallet, talk to that person, or call your friend.

I used to ignore that voice because it was super quiet. In fact, I started telling people that I had hindsight intuition. I’d hear the voice, ignore it, and then wish I hadn’t. I called it hindsight intuition until one of my friends said, “No, that’s just intuition. Listen to the voice.”

On my podcast, Imperfect Mommying: Better Parenting Through Self-Healing, I talk to my guests and my audience about listening to your intuition inside parenting. I genuinely believe that our intuition is our most valuable asset as a parent.

People say there are no rule book for parenting…and I mean, if you google parenting books, I’m pretty sure something like 60,000 books are populated…just saying. The problem with 60,000 books is that they are all different. So, what’s the right way to parent?

That’s where your intuition comes in. Whenever you read a parenting book (or listen, if you’re like me), listen to your intuition before taking advice. Your child(ren) was given to you for a reason; you are the perfect parent for them. Experts have their opinions, and so they write a book to share those opinions (even I wrote a book to help moms overcome their guilt).  The key is to try some of the suggestions that sound good to you and discard the ones that don’t feel aligned with your beliefs.

There’s nothing wrong with getting outside opinions on parenting. Just remember that when it comes to your kids, you’re the expert.

If you’re looking to join a supportive community of Facebook moms, feel free to join my group, Moms Conquering Guilt. I am passionate about helping busy moms determined to enjoy every day, love on their kids more, and feel freedom in their life. Don’t settle for the status quo; you deserve so much more.

Alysia Lyons
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