Beauty Hunting

By: Lara Scriba

(3 min read) 

This month I have truly been filled with an absolute sense of delight as I immersed myself in the energy of all the things that I love. Quality time with my family and friends, spending time in nature, having inspiring conversations, taking on new challenges, teaching yoga, and coaching. When I immerse myself into the activities that I know light me up I feel like I come fully alive. 

I recently wrapped up the last week of a program that I teach, and we spend an entire class talking about how we can interrupt negative cycles of behavior or thoughts by intentionally tapping into activities that we can immerse ourselves in. Identifying things that allow time to fall away and slip through our fingers yet fill our hearts and soul with a sense of peace, ease, or joy.

Noticing that the simple act of noticing seems to amplify the experience, “Oh look at me feeling happy right now, this is wonderful!” It’s like compound interest on every ounce of joy that exists. Um… YES, please!

We all have so many struggles we overcome every single day, so why not double down on the goodness by simply acknowledging the beauty and joy we experience in our lives!

It brought to mind how my boys and I coined this years ago as “beauty hunting.” On days when we were feeling down, we would go out for a walk to get our bodies moving and intentionally look for the beauty in the world.

When we would notice it, we would be sure to share it with one another and celebrate its existence. This also allowed us to connect and learn how each other uniquely perceives the world. Witnessing the witnesser, profound and powerful stuff right here!

We found ourselves immersed in the experience one moment at a time. The negative thoughts or feelings seemed to fall by the wayside as we were now too busy either seeking beauty, actively experiencing it, or sharing it with one another.   

One particular afternoon we all seemed to be in a funk, and I was struggling to motivate them to shift their mindset. So I asked them to think of something to help us shift out of it. 

I was pleasantly surprised when they suggested we go on a “photography walk.” A new experience for me, but my sons have developed a passion for photography and often go on “photography walks” together.  I was invited along this time, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. Of course, as we know, our children are our most incredible teachers.

I was able to explore a new and wonderful way to not only notice and appreciate every aspect of beauty I encountered along the way but captured it in a photo as well.

We began by slowly sauntering along the trail to ensure we didn’t miss an ounce of nature’s miraculous offerings. Savoring the quiet sacredness of it all, bearing witness to the wonders that others are often too busy to see.

The bees nest precariously wrapped around a fence post,  the lizard scurrying beneath the fallen leaves, the contrast between the hearty jagged edges of a succulent and the most vibrantly pink and petite cluster of flowers that cascade down the edge of an old crumbling red brick wall,  the moment the sun shone perfectly through the leaves of a tree and watching the shadows dance as the wind gently tousled each and every leaf. 

Time stood still, and we held our breaths to steady our hands, trying to capture the beauty we were experiencing in that moment. The world around us fell away, and every ounce of our being was immersed in that moment. We’d then rush to one another to share our treasure. This one perfect moment in time.

Each of us had an individual experience, yet a shared sense of joy and delight. Our entire demeanor had shifted in merely an hour of time. It felt truly magical to step onto the trail in one frame of mind and arrive home as if we were completely different humans!

By taking the time to notice the beauty that surrounded us, we ultimately were able to experience the beauty that already exists within us. Happily snuggling up on the couch afterward; minds bodies, and hearts at peace.

Lara Scriba
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