Big Hair Big Attitude Big Goals

By: Peggy Willms

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I know what you are thinking WTH do these three have in common…like B to the third power: BIG HAIR, BIG ATTITUDE & BIG GOALS. Oh do let me start sharing my thoughts on this one.

Maybe you have noticed I have been plunking a bit of color in my Bruno Mars Pomodoro the last few weeks. Of course, it is temporary. Okay, even more temporary then temporary. Wash out. Yeah, they have hair make-up. I bet most of you already knew that. How fun. It is purple week.

I have had some BIG ASS HAIR over the years from mullets with shaved sides from platinum and swinging far right to jet black. A peek at some BIG ASS bangs below. I am on the left and my baby sis on the right.

Say what. Just like any era we dress in the clothes, wear the hair and use the terminology to match the times, and we don’t look like or sound like whack jobs until we look back. It doesn’t matter if you were bouncing to the mashed potato in a poodle skirt, wearing leg warmers and prancing around to your own version of Flash Dance or even doing the Macerena in a local dance halls of the 90’s. I know you get it…so what about the first of the three B’s – the BIG HAIR.

They say eyes and hair are the first things people notice when they peek atcha. In my opinion, hair grows back so I really haven’t cared what anyone thought. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, to your face anyway, will tell you,  “OMG, I love your short do. You should have done that years ago. You looks so young.” My grandmother was famous for this one when I went all Dorothy Hamill, “Oh, sweetie, it accentuates those cute little cheeks of yours. You should never grow your hair out again.” Oh God, really – cute little cheeks?

I am not dumb, half the comments aren’t sincere. They are just awkward. Shit, say what you want to say. Don’t just say something to say something. So if comments aren’t really all that sincere who cares about your hair? Do you, Boo. I say, sport whatever. I feel hair can be the cheapest yet sassiest way to express yourself. I understand there are policies and procedures where you cannot wear an “unnatural” hair color such as working at hospitals, and as a District Attorney you might not get away with a Z-lined buzz cut. If you aren’t breaking any rules though flipping, go for it. BIG HAIR makes a statement that you are willing to ride your own unicorn, and make a stand for confidence. 

Let’s move on to BIG ATTITUDE. I believe to my cellular level, we control our attitude. Regardless of your circumstances, you can control your thoughts and emotions and how you present yourself in the world. If you have lost your job, you can wallow just a bit but then put on that smile, get out there, and pound the pavement for your next respectable paycheck. Just had a knockout drag out with your boyfriend? Well, that sucks. Cry for a day and then take a run, and get your act together. Tally up what you have learned, apologize if necessary, and move on. It won’t be the last, sista. Or, of course, you can have a crappy attitude and drag it on for a week affecting every person you come into contact with and making yourself miserable or sick. Which do you want to do? Come on. DUH. Clean up your act. Get a BIG ATTITUDE.

Here comes the third B. BIG GOALS. Some of you have heard me say when it comes to goals, I am not a huge fan of setting the bar so high over and over again that you keep missing it. I mean a future Olympian doesn’t keep setting the high jump to 10 feet and going damn, I missed it again three years down the road. I am all about setting a BIG GOAL, of course. But I am also about breaking it down to get there. You need encouragement not repetitive disappointment.

Set a goal. Maybe it is to save $10k for a down payment on a house. Start with Baby Steps. How and when will you get to $100, then $500, then $1000? Set the goal, meet it, then set another. Keep raising the bar – leveling up. Put that process on repeat, and keep nailing it. So to beat a dead horse – hear me correctly – I AM saying to go big – but I am NOT saying to keep missing the target. Step outside your comfort zone and strive for big goals. Perhaps they seem almost unfathomable as you push outside of your comfort zone. Forcing growth is not easy. Keeping passion and fires burning can be discouraging and exhausting. But you are worth the effort; you aren’t a quitter. Just existing day to day is serving no one. Set your goal, do the research: determine the timeline, calculate the energy and effort needed or even the cash required to take you down the path to success.

You got this goal, Coach…

BIG HAIR, BIG ATTITUDE & BIG GOALS tie together. They define YOU taking charge inside and out; how YOU are represented in the world. Own your image. What do you want to portray? What do you want to leave behind? Beam confidence about yourself and your projects. You can conquer anything. The three B’s leave legacies. It isn’t a stretch, seriously.

Think back to all the fun stories those kiddos are going to share when they stumble across that awesome BIG HAIR pic. Think about how you will affect stories between friends and family when they chat about your BIG ATTITUDE over Christmas dinner. Think about those BIG GOALS you set out to achieve whether you modified them along the way or not – you nailed them, and oh, how peeps will talk. You dreamed about them, you focused on them, you surpassed that bar. See, all three BIG B’s create legacies.

Have fun – push those around you. Go ahead, snicker up a storm. Who cares. This might be a conversation between you and a “friend” …

The friend: 

“Girl, really. I mean – you want to move to New York and become the next Lady Gaga?”


With your BIG ASS HAIR, hand on hit, and, oh yeah, a BIG ASS ATTITUDE, you reply, “Yup. Peace out. Gotta go. I am off to achieve my BIG ASS GOAL!”

Peggy Willms
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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