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The name Cherie represents something worth cherishing, protecting, and caring for.


Cherie: Good evening.

J: Hey girlfriend! What have you and your crew been up to?

Cherie: Hmmm. Just surviving 😆

J: Sweet pea! It’s time to THRIVE, beyond survive! Do you ground? Do you walk on the grass and dirt barefoot?

Cherie: Hmmm?

J: Grounding and getting rooted deep into Mother Gaia (by the way, our planet is an Archangel in disguise). When you were born, were you wearing shoes on your teensy-weeny little feet? No! Bare feet you were born with! Every step you walk on the grass, the dirt, and in the water connects you and roots you deep into Mother Earth. She heals you by you walking with her, on her.

You sleep better at night, and you “de-stress” when you walk on her.

(Picture of grass). This grass magnified 1500 X’s.

 Cherie:  ♥️ 

J: Do you see happy faces giggling and laughing in this pic? Can you imagine how happy Mother Gaia is when you walk among the grass around you? Lay down that bright, velvety green carpet of grass, and stretch out your arms, legs, and feet as far as far as they will go, and RELAX! Breathe in deep, smell the aromas of the flowers and the dirt beneath you, and FEEL the sensation of tiny tickling arms stretching up from the ground to touch your skin. Just breathe deep and slow, relax deeper, and breathe normally.

You will feel calmer and more peaceful when after you do. She LOVES you as you are one of her children. She gives you food to eat, water to drink, and showering. She KNOWS exactly who you are when you step into the grass. Just like each person has individual fingerprints on each finger, your feet have them as well. She recognizes you by your own personal vibrations.

Cherie: This is awesome 😱

Thanks for this 💝💝. Gonna try it 🥰

J: Share this with your kids, friends, and families! We NEED all the Love, Tenderness, and Support during this time on the planet worldwide! We are ascending with her, and remember, when you hear of earthquakes, tsunamis, or wars, don’t fret nor worry as Mother Gaia is also releasing old energies, just like a dog, shaking water loose from his coat after a bath. And we know how a dog gets all into it, getting everyone wet at the very same time! By the action of your walking upon Her, taking time out of your hectic day to stop and smell those vividly colored flowers, each with a unique fragrance, color, and shape, IS showing your Love for Her!

When you are standing amid the grass-blades and grounding, place both hands over your heart and send Her your Love straight down through your feet and from your heart to Her heart. You may also send Love to another across the world to the other people in different countries, and they will receive your Love not knowing from where it came, as Love is always welcomed! One does not know what difficult experience another precious, tender child of Mother Gaia is having at that exact moment! If every person were to do this just once a day, how quickly our society and world would heal as One.

Imagine your love going down from your heart, like taking an elevator to the ground below! Your Love is all wrapped up in a beautiful, exquisitely wrapped gift. There are many beautiful creatures who live among the grass-blades that we do not see, as their world is quite different from ours. It may be the Snails, with unique eyes that wobble in all directions and extend way above the tiny heads! If the Slugs retrieve it, your gift will remain intact, just a little gooey around the edges! Or even the armadillo-backed Rollie-Pollies, with multitudes of tiny, soft, gentle feet all walking out of unison. If you are by the ocean, the dolphins will ALL take your gift together, laughing and bouncing it back and forth, passing it along like a football team, deep within the hidden passageways to Mother Gaia’s seaside home deep within her Soul! If in the mountains, the Great Ancient Eagles will deliver your package to her, as each one knows where to go!

Today, the hard-working, dedicated army ants are meeting the elevator beneath your feet. They pick up your gift at the elevator, and it’s carefully balanced between two tiny hands, and their other four legs do the walking. As they are carrying it above their heads with their tiny hands, over rocks, hidden gems, and flowing rivers, through dark valleys and up again through hidden boulders, so tiny to us above the ground but gargantuan to them, nothing stops them, they March along! Through caves, deeper and deeper they go. Past acres of precious gems not cut or broken, but in their own unique glistening beauty, are implanted within the walls that are our beautiful Home beneath our feet. Straight to Mother Gaia’s doorstep. 

They knock upon her door and stand back and wait with great anticipation for her to open the door! You can see the excitement and expectation upon their tiny faces, smiling and giggling between the whole bunch! Mother Gaia opens her front door and sees the ants trying to hide their big ole grins behind their tiny hands. She looks down, and her eyes get all big and she is surprised, wondering, who sent this?!?

As she reaches down and picks it up, her eyes begin to tear up at the corners, and another freshwater spring is borne upon the earth deep in the forest! She is beholding all the care, love, and great detail in each tiny edge of the wrapping. She opens it, and what she sees is a big ole deep magenta heart valentine glistening with white snowflakes, with pure virgin flakes of gold intertwined all through each detail of the snowflakes. She bursts into tears, knowing exactly who sent this gorgeous Valentine to her. She laughs with Joy, Gratitude, and Deep Thankfulness that one of her precious children took time out of his/her hectic life, just for Her!

She sends her Love through the raindrops and as they fall in your hair, on your arms, your hands, and your face. Each drop is a deep kiss from Mother Gaia directly to you. She Loves, Appreciates, and Cherishes you as You are her Child and she would not want to go forward in her journey deeper into Love without you. You are SO precious to her. YOU and your family are so dearly loved 

Cherie: How did you come about this?  

J: I saw the above image play out in my mind while my heart felt every tiny vibration of each detail while I was posting it to you. I see images in picture form, like a cartoon, and I draw and create what I see and feel. Call it a channeling (or a word picture) from Mother Gaia, directly from her heart to you.

I know it’s late where you are, and as you and your family fall asleep tonight, remember each star is an angel watching over you and each member of your family. Even when the sun is above you is shining brightly, and you are not able to see the stars in the skies…they are still watching over you and sending YOU their Love! 

Have a heavenly night tonight while the angels cover you with a canopy of soft feathers from their wings. Sleep well, sleep deep, sleep Loved.

To All who Receive this message, this was a posting to a friend almost a year ago during winter. I promised her that I would change her name to protect her identity. She lives in Ohio.

The name Cherie dropped into my heart this morning, for WE are all Cherished, Loved, Protected, and Guided.

From my heart to yours: May you dance with Beauty, Love, Joy, Freedom, Grace, Mercy and Abundance flow into your Life every moment with every Breath from now into eternity.

With Deep Love,



Jeanmarie Epps-Trice
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