Creating Peace

By: Gina Lobito

(7 min read)

There are times when I simply get lost in the thought of what I would call nothingness. It’s the time my thoughts are running and running without any purpose at all. It’s mindless chatter of observations and judgments of my surroundings. In my opinion, it’s annoying, like the little fly that just keeps buzzing around my face, never landing to rest. I swat it away, but it just keeps coming back, buzz… buzz… buzz…

Today, this “buzz” seemed to be louder than ever. I am in the middle of my travels, flying from San Jose, California, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, with one layover and a change of planes in Burbank. Starting in San Jose, it was smooth, and only 67 passengers on the flight. SWEET! A row to myself. Such a rare luxury when traveling. I knew I better enjoy it because, more than likely, the next leg of my journey would be full. 

The flight from San Jose was delayed about 10 minutes which is no problem. The pilot makes up for the time delay while in the air. We arrived at Burbank Airport, to hear over the loudspeaker my connecting flight was boarding. Of course, I can feel a small amount of stress in my body, then I just breathe, trusting the flight gets held for the transferring passengers. Bonus! Burbank Airport is a small airport where the plane boards and deboards at the front and rear of the plane. This made deboarding quicker and smoother. 

There is also the added bonus of fun walking on the tarmac. The little kid in me lights up inside. The tarmac reminds me of when my dad would take me and two of my brothers to the Air Show. We would meet pilots, sit in planes, and try one pilot gear. My dad would say the same joke every year, “How much gas does a glider take?” Of course, since we were young kids, we did not know what a glider was at the time, we would guess incorrectly.  He would laugh and say no, it just glides in the air on the wind. I never really understood his humor.
Nonetheless, it was funny to him.  Though we knew the answer, my brothers and I endured the joke year after year. I can just see his little smile and small gapped front teeth. He was just having fun.

I am sure my dad would have enjoyed walking on the tarmac just as I did. I grabbed my luggage, deboarded the plane, and made my way to Gate 7, which was just three gates over. I could see the plane from my current flight. Just as I suspected, as I entered the plane, it was already three-quarters full. I walked mindfully with my luggage down the narrow aisle, trying not to bump into anyone with my carry-on and messenger bag slung over my shoulder. Like any passenger, I am scanning the overhead compartment for space to store my luggage, only to find multiple smaller bags, like purses, totes, and sacks, taking up space. I could not help but think to myself how all those types of bags could clearly fit under the seat making room for the larger luggage. Particularly on a full flight. Hmmm, my eyes continued to seek out a space for my luggage, and successfully I found a spot! 

Now time to choose a seat. Not sure about you, but as soon as I step on a plane, I begin scanning. Not only am I scanning for a seat, but I am also scanning the people. I noticed their size, sex, clothing, yes, even their scent. This flight, all this natural observation, felt so heightened. My guess is that it’s the first time I have flown since shelter in place.  Truthfully, being in a condensed space with a lot of people has never been my preference. Today, I am just noticing my sensitivity is on overdrive. I take a breath and smile inside while I pick the seat that feels the best without holding up the rest of the passengers waiting to be seated. I found my seat between two women who are also friends. Not sure why people do this, but they decided to sit apart from each other and talk back and forth across me for a good portion of the flight. I continued just to breathe and bring in my energetic field. Awe, my body relaxed. I was no longer feeling their energy in the same way. Especially since one woman was having anxiety since this was the first time she had ever flown. I thought to myself, well, this is perfect, she actually started calming down as I sat down.  I ended up being an energetic buffer between her and her friend. Not that I care to be in that role all the time, but it certainly came in handy. It turns out her friend had far more anxiety and stress when the flight was delayed 55 minutes. We all just sat there in the plane waiting for the flight to have clearance for take off. I happily brought my energy back in even more and ignored her complaining, which I thought was ironic since she told her friend, “Well, once we are up in the air, it’s out of your control so just relax.” haha Waiting on the tarmac is no different. It’s out of our control.

I practiced what any empath and clairsentient should know how to do, breathe, bring in your energetic field, and close the gates to outside stuff. So, I connected to the plane’s free entertainment, placed my headphones on, watched the Elvis movie, and transported myself to another time. Meanwhile, the flying newbie enjoyed the window seat watching the comings and goings of other planes. Eventually, her friend stopped complaining because neither of us engaged in the conversation. 

I was relieved by how quickly the energy shifted, as neither of us engaged in the conversation about the delay. It’s amazing how quickly something, like complaining, ends when you do not give it energy. This goes with anything in life. When you cease to give energy “focus” to something it no longer exists.  It’s the Universal Law of Focus. Any spiritual leader or teacher will share this Universal Law with you. Often it’s accompanied by the question,  “What do you Want? 

I venture a bet if any of you take the time to look back on your experiences you more likely than not have had a teacher, athletic coach, or parent bring you back to focus on the task at hand because your focus/energy was being directed on something else. We all have been introduced to and use the Law of Focus, and most often do not even realize it. It’s innately within you. Heck, even Tony Robbins is found quoting the Universal Law of Focus. Does this Tony Robbins quote sound familiar, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” He takes it a bit further in his coaching and says, “What you focus on, you feel.” The power of focus affects all aspects of your life. You can focus on goals at work, in your relationships, or on personal goals like fitness and emotional health – and you can manifest those goals into being.

The Law of Focus is an essential tool we all work with in creating our lives. Now imagine how quickly you can redirect your life by applying the Universal Law of Focus and understanding the power of your energy a little bit more. How has it impacted your life and what you have created for yourself? Seriously, take some time to think about where you put your focus/your energy. How do you behave? What do you feel? How do you speak? The list of questions can go on. You will also feel it in your body. Now direct that focus toward what you want to create. Feel it, see it in your mind’s eye, and take action steps toward that goal.

So, for me, it was simple, I wanted to create calm, quiet, and peace in a time when over 100 people were waiting in a cramped plane. I focused on peace, quiet and calm within myself. I directed my focus to my movie, not allowing room for anything else. The complaining and anxiety around me ended within seconds.

My flight was Peaceful. I was Peaceful.

Gina Lobito
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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