Cultivating Creativity—May Forecast

By: Lara Scriba

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Last week I talked a bit about learning how to “forecast the weather” for ourselves—tapping into our inner awareness and allowing ourselves to be the barometer for how we need to show up for ourselves in a caring and compassionate way. When we are able to articulate how we are feeling to ourselves and others, this allows us to co-regulate and not only show compassion for ourselves and ask for support but also show empathy for others when their forecast is less than optimal. In short, it puts us in the driver’s seat. We can take full advantage of the forecast, dress appropriately and make the most out of the day by being informed, aware & creative in our approach.

We also have the ability to forecast the weather of our energetic environment through the use of Numerology. I won’t get into the specifics of how I pull this information together, but I do want to start sharing the monthly energetic forecasts so that together we can look at how to best “dress for the occasion.”

Does it feel too “woo?” Don’t let the language dissuade you. This is pure food for the soul.

Just think of it as a monthly theme or monthly journal prompt. Either way, I hope you are able to use it as inspiration and a way to gain momentum on those parts of you that tend to get tucked away. So let’s dive in!

May is all about getting fired up and infusing creativity into your everyday.

Now before you throw your hands up because you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I beg you to stay with me for a moment. I used to say the same thing; my traditional crafting abilities are at a second-grader level at best. But give me some music, a theme, and some moves, and I’ll create a kickass yoga class. 

We all have different ways of expressing our creativity, and no, it isn’t always in the form of a perfectly crafted homemade card or decorating your house just so. Maybe your creativity is expressed through your writing, cooking, or dance. Intangible creativity may be cultivated through the special way you love to create a sense of connection with others, making music, or actions you take for others to know you care. 

What is YOUR expression of creativity? Be an embodiment of that expression!

What is the first thing that comes to mind? Take a moment to envision it. Where are you when you’re doing it? Are you alone, or do you create within a community? Does it only happen on special occasions, or do you take time regularly to express your creativity (daily morning pages, monthly book club, weekly dance classes, holidays, or only on special events)?

Productivity and outcomes are often highly valued, but what about the pleasure possible within the process? How can we infuse our creativity into our daily processes? The mundane can gain momentum just by adding a splash of creativity and flare.

When we align and tap into ALL parts of our being is when we step into integrity with our true selves. We’ve all tapped into it, that sense of flow and ease. It feels like freedom on fire. An endless well of inspiration, just dying to be expressed in this world. What matters most to you? What do you deeply value?

What lights you up? DO THAT!

When we shine, we inspire others to shine, too. We’ve all been around that one person who unabashedly shows up at the party with outrageously fabulous, printed pants. Notice the glow of being in the flow when another is performing, speaking, or dancing. Witness the effortlessness of an “artist” at work, no matter the medium chosen. It inspires us to express ourselves, to wear that flashy shirt, pull out the paints, buy those special ingredients, or sharpen our pencils. 

We need a world fueled by the unique beauty we each bring to the table.

When it comes to creativity, we can quickly get stuck in self-criticism, frustrated by the imperfection of our expression, overwhelmed by too many magnificent ideas, or simply don’t make time for it as it doesn’t make the priority list. See what you can let go of to make room for what really matters. Don’t overthink it. Just take action of some sort, and the joy you feel will fuel your next steps.

I encourage you to take a moment to close your eyes and breathe, envision your art in action. Allow yourself to tap into that well of energy to create your version of beauty in this world. 

Share, invite others into your process, or bask in the glow of its completion. There is a spark that ignites a fire within when we share our joy and passions with others. It is a gift meant to be shared.

The New Moon is on the 19th. Take small actions to plant the seeds you want to become part of the structures supporting you when we move into June. Allow your creativity to inform your actions. Gaining traction as we move through these cycles of energetic momentum and bring your unique expression to fruition. 


Lara Scriba
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