Curious Zone

By: Faith Pearce

(4 min read)

This week I am staying in the procrastination zone. Why…because that’s what procrastinators do. Lol. We stay in the same place and repeat the same things over and over. But why do we do that? Even when something becomes uncomfortable we stay with it because it is familiar.

I’ve done a lot of work on myself and don’t try to hide behind excuses. Taking ownership of my words and thoughts has taken diligent focus and a fair amount of time to get to this point. It would be great if I could just say I am ok and cured my procrastination habits. Intellectually, I know wellness is a constant, ongoing journey. There are parts of me that want to fight change. Simply put, for me consistency and familiarity feel comfortable and safe.

Have you ever noticed how you can revert back to old behaviors when you visit parents or old childhood friends? We can easily slip back into the person we once were. The memory muscle never quits. When some memories or behaviors appear to be tucked away as we evolve and grow, they quickly bounce back to reveal themselves yet again.

Being transparent and vulnerable are the two areas I struggle the most. Again, it is that comfort zone and slipping back into what feels familiar. Sharing the “new and improved me” can feel more difficult and uncomfortable maybe  because I haven’t been doing it long enough for it to be my normal default behavior.

Throughout my journey, one of my biggest realizations has been around the comfort zone. In my own mind, I had an image of who and what I should be. My self-perception was that of rigidity, structure, and  organization. I read something recently that said, and I am paraphrasing here “A different version of you exists in the minds of EVERYONE you’ve ever known and there are infinite versions of you out there because they are viewing you through their own perception.” I love this idea because it blows the idea of water that there is only one ‘right’ way to be. Maybe I need to stop trying so hard and do what is right for me.

My perfect image was to have an organized house, healthy fit body, an abundance of friends and participate in many social outings. Now don’t get me wrong I still want a version of this, but in my mind everything was perfect, complete. There was no room for growth and learning, which can only be achieved through trial and error and by making mistakes. To me, mistakes meant failure. Trials weren’t experiences to work through. They were to be avoided at all costs and were major stopping points. I couldn’t give myself permission for error. My perception and pursuit of perfection resulted in being stuck and moving backwards because I simply avoided getting out of my comfort zone.

Today my cycling behavior continues to a much smaller scale. It goes something like this:

1) Chase certain standards seeking “perfection.”

2) Procrastinate for fear of success and come up shy (doesn’t happen as often, but still exists).

3) Become disorganized due to self-judgment, fear or rejection and the unknown. When exhausted or challenged I slip back to old beliefs and remain frozen in the “comfort zone.”

4) Repeat.

My mind is the biggest thing that trips me up.

Spinning and overthinking everything has always been my natural default. My natural comfort zone. It serves me by distracting me in order to avoid all the things I have mentioned above. It also gives me a sense of control when things feel unfamiliar. If I have thought of every possibility then I am always prepared for any scenario.

I’ve been using my energy in the wrong way.

When I first heard of TikTok, I was very negative. I thought it was a waste of time. I was too busy, and I just dismissed it. I soon realized I was frozen by fear of learning something new. I chose to take the time and viewed it as a learning opportunity. I began exploring different filters and engaging with people in a different way. Allowing myself to have fun, be silly and let go was refreshing. I realized when we learn something new, enjoy ourselves and avoiding judging ourselves or others, we become engaged in a variety of ways, and our minds grow unexpectedly.  I never would have imagined that learning TikTok would remind me I like to be challenged, and I am a learner. When we stay in our comfort zones, we cannot see anything new, fresh or exciting. Through this process, I recognized the unexpected has the potential to improve us in many ways.

I do not want to become stuck in a place of familiarity and reject things that I may enjoy just because of fear of the unknown.

Being open to curiosity rather than chasing perfection gets me out of my head and open to so many new angles and approaches that open up a whole world of possibilities. It keeps things fresh and my mind from ruminating, tripping me up and trying to stay stuck.

My challenge to you this week would be to step slightly out of your comfort zone. Maybe try a different food for breakfast, walk to work or go for a bike ride. Maybe do something fun like meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time.

Have fun and be curious. Step outside your Comfort Zone and into the Curiosity Zone. It just might be the only way to move forward.


Faith Pearce 
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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