Daily Ritual

By: Gina Lobito

(4 min read)

OOOOH! I have had a morning already. Many mornings I wake up and roll back over sinking back into the warmth of my down comforter. Sometimes I go back to sleep because my eyes just are not ready to let the light in. Do you know what I mean? Just a few more moments of rest before starting the day.

In a prior blog, Becoming Independent, I referenced how I often start my day connecting to my BODY, EMOTIONS, HEART, and MIND so I can attune to the day. Well, this morning, I did not do this DAILY RITUAL.

I proceeded to throw on some jeans, and a T-shirt, ordered some coffee, and took Gus to the park. So far, I was feeling pretty good. Other dogs and their owners began to show up for the morning dog version of Romper Room playing, running, and occasional barking. Okay, mostly Gus was barking today. Some days he has a lot to say.

Another dog owner arrived, and for some reason Gus and her dog just did not jive, so she proceeded to remove herself and walk elsewhere in the park since she noticed her dog was “prickly” as she put it. I thought that’s great, since Gus seemed to take an interest in her dog, and I had to command to “live it” multiple times.

Next thing I noticed, she’s walking her dog along the fence where all the dogs are playing. The same area she just left to avoid situations. Gus’ natural sheep dog characteristic is to “protect” the perimeter. His innate instinct kicks in and begins to bark. She continued to just let her dog sit there and stare at Gus through the fence. Mind you I was heading toward Gus to get him on lead. He is now fixated on the dog and owner.

He is ignoring all my recall commands. I am sure those of you that are dog owners know this is frustrating. It can be stressful for both dog owners. As I got closer, Gus ran along the fence line so he could continue to bark at the other dog. Oh embarrassing. As I passed by, I said, “Sorry ladies, I am trying to get him on lead before he makes his way around the fence.”

Instead of chasing Gus, I turned the other direction and told him “let’s go!” He began to follow me.  That’s when it happened. The other dog owner proceeded to tell me and point downward with her index finger, “Would you get your dog on lead” as she continued to walk against the fence line of the baseball field which was only adding to the situation. Something in me just reared up, and I said, “Really? You don’t see that’s what I am trying to do?” Her friend lashed out and said, “Attitude.” I said, “You’re being no different! Gosh what Dicks!” And I walked away and got Gus on lead. He was prancing around happily as a lamb while I was irritated.

My body could feel my heart pumping, anxiety triggered, and I had to take big breaths and exhale, letting the event go. Part of me wonders, If I performed my daily ritual of checking in with my BODY, EMOTIONS, HEART, and MIND and attuning to the morning how might I have responded differently? 

When I commit to my Daily Rituals,  it is a large piece of my WELLNESS practices. As I have become more sensitive as an Empath and channel my body experiences, the energy of anxiety presents itself much quicker now than ever before. It’s always there just beneath the surface. My tolerance of stress, conflict and lower vibrations and frequencies is shorter now. If I do not manage my energetic field and deepen my wellness practices, I can feel ungrounded. 

When I sit in silence and self-reflection at the beginning of my day, it allows my body to calibrate for the day, connect to my spirit, heart, body and higher self.  I can set clear intentions and clear purposes for the day.


There are benefits to having rituals. Here are just a few:

  1. Ground and stabilize
  2. Reduce anxiety
  3. Alleviate the “weight” of processing emotions
  4. Create a sense of security
  5. Create a feeling of connectedness
  6. Boost confidence and self-esteem (which leads to strengthening and trusting your intuition).

If you’re ever feeling separateness, not connected, lonely, etc., DEVELOPING YOUR DAILY RITUAL CAN ASSIST YOU. I encourage you to create a practice or adjust your current practice if needed.

It’s a reminder that what you do everyday matters. Rituals offer an opportunity for reflection, sanctuary and meaning. Morning practice sets the tone for your day. All I know today, I did not practice my daily ritual, and it definitely set the tone for my morning.

I invite you to acknowledge what your morning ritual is and adjust it if necessary so you may START YOUR DAY off GROUNDED, FOCUSED, OPEN HEARTED and with PURPOSE. You can always fill in the (blank) for what you would like to invite into your day.

Gina Lobito
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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