Diving into Devotion – October Energy Forecast

By: Lara Dustin Scriba


(4 min. read)

September was a month of disrupting old patterns, consciously releasing what no longer serves, and stepping into action and alignment. By consistently noticing, assessing, taking bold new action, and reshaping the imprint of your energetic world, the day-to-day logistics that took priority may have begun to shift. Like weeding a garden, it’s a gritty, messy process, but the outcome makes it worth putting in all that hard work. 

When stepping out of habitual patterns, we begin to notice the nuance of the energy that habit holds in our lives. Did it bring a sense of safety and security? Did it provide connection? Was it out of obligation and a source of low-lying resentment? Is there a sense of relief by letting it go?

By allowing ourselves to become quiet and listen to the subtleties of our intuition, we are able to rebuild with a dedication to energetic resonance, essentially weeding the garden of our own lives and giving ourselves the opportunity to refresh the framework of who we are and what we need in this season of our lives. Allowing our energy to now be channeled into what truly brings us value and experience abundance, diving into a deeper understanding and working knowledge of its power.

The energy of October is a more fluid, flowing energy, a vacillation of giving and receiving, expansion and contraction. We are now breathing life into and creating rituals around that which truly sustains us. The essential point, though, is to remember that this does not happen in isolation and allow ourselves to receive support along the way. Just as a gardener works with the elements of the earth, we, too, must work with the energetic aspects available to us.

It’s time to dig deeper, to go all in! When we step into flow with what truly feeds our soul, we can tap into the deeper currents that will help to carry us along the way. We are sourced by source and become a master of our own domain. 

Finding clarity, speaking your truth, and owning your inner wisdom is key to how you personally embody abundance or define what you want to dedicate your devotion to. If we are cultivating the essence of abundance, what does that mean to you? How does that actually look on a day-to-day basis? 

If all the old stories, resistance, and obstacles were to fall away, what would become possible for you? What does that reality look like? What truly matters to you? Where do you experience abundance and feel deeply supported and nourished? This is a question only you can answer.

We often play small in the world, shrink, and conform to structures that already tend to exist. This month, your invitation is to expand and to unapologetically take up space and allow others to see you in your element and witness your unique brilliance.

Create space for the life you truly want to live by prioritizing what lights you up. Be willing to shine, to receive, and be influential. When you shine and share your unique essence, you give permission for others to do the same—allowing us all to share in the many forms that abundance exists.

It is so incredibly inspiring to see others owning their magic, living wholeheartedly, claiming what is uniquely their own, and running with it. It’s powerful to witness, and it takes courage.

When we own our strengths, it can initially feel like a very domineering energy, especially if you often follow rather than lead. This is our opportunity to take the reigns and lead, not through dominance, but simply by example. 

There is a quiet, gentle strength that emanates when one has the confidence to walk to the beat of their own drum. It is not an act of defiance or a demand to fall in line but an invitation to dance and play with the currents of energy, rhythms, flow, and elements in a way that uniquely lights your heart on fire. 

A weaving of energy that creates a beautiful tapestry that empowers elevates, and envelopes those around us. If each of us has the courage to devote ourselves to that which truly brings value and a sense of abundance into our lives, imagine the world we would live in.

When we can be the source of our own happiness and walk through the world with a deep knowing that we are powerful, abundant, and free to create our own reality, we become unstoppable.

So, what deserves your devotion? When you become the master of your own reality, what does that reality look and feel like? What qualities do your relationships hold? How do you feel? What do others feel when they are around you?

It’s time to allow yourself to dream and dig deep to cultivate the roots needed to tether those dreams to your reality. Trust in the strength and wisdom you hold and create a world that reflects your unique essence. Create rituals to hold space for and reinforce the resonance of your soul’s calling. Expand, evolve, and embrace the undercurrent that runs deep within you. Exploring, sharing, and expanding your depth and unique beauty that exists within you encourages others to seek their own.

Lara Scriba
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