Embracing Impermanence 

By: Lara Scriba

 (3 min read) 

I had to sit and look at a calendar to reorient myself. What day of the week is it, and how many days has it been? Just over a week ago, we decided to head back north to the US for the summer.  We left Mexico early on Sunday morning, tucked into San Diego for a few days, Avalon for a night, and then b-lined it for Marina del Rey, our new home for the next few months. 

After being stationary for so long, it was glorious being on the move again. Watching for dolphins and whales on the way up. Immersing ourselves in weather forecasts, watching the wind and sea state on an hourly basis. and creating a sail plan.

We were amazed when we realized that we reentered the US on the very exact day, to the very same place we had left exactly nine months ago. It all felt so surreal, the concept of time has morphed ever since the constructs of traditional life have fallen away. It feels like it has been a lifetime and a blink of an eye all at the same time.

Visiting friends and revisiting familiar marinas felt reassuring as we slowly got our sailing feet wet again. Trips to Trader Joe’s to fill up on our favorite treats delighted my boys. Wondering what our new home would be like, knowing Google Maps can only reveal so much. Scouting out the lay of the land, noting what essential resources are walkable.  I love the unknown aspect of it all. Getting to know a new city, its people, and the perks of both the location and the unique culture the town will offer.

I love that travel allows you to embrace impermanence, to revel in the beauty and uniqueness of the moment in front of you. To try new things, have new conversations, and be genuinely curious about your surroundings and where you will fall into place amongst it all. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope, as you twist the colors and shapes to create a unique and beautiful arrangement each and every time. Never predictable, but also never disappoints.

My husband and I spent the day apart, running errands, and when we came home, a rush of conversation flowed about where we went, what we discovered, cool people we met. Places we need to jot down to be sure to visit in the weeks to come.

There is a balance to be had, though, as exciting as all the exploring is, one of the best things about sailing and living aboard is that your home is always with you. As much as my external environment may change, there is a familiarity and grounding feeling of always being able to come home at the end of the day. Of tucking my children in their own beds each night. 

As I write this, I realize there is an equal push and pull of energy. One to explore and discover all I can, and the other to nest and reestablish rhythms and rituals that keep us all on an even keel.  It’s an interesting balance to maintain, finding ways to regulate our nervous systems as we take on so much change happening at once. It’s also interesting to watch to see what we consistently reestablish when it comes to routines. 

As much as travel allows you to reinvent yourself, it also reveals your non-negotiables when it comes to maintaining your mental and physical health. For us, it is taking time to make nourishing food, spend time in nature, and move our bodies. Luckily we can do that anywhere. 

As we find our groove and settle into our rhythm, I look forward to how much we will discover about ourselves, one another, the world, and those around us. And just like the unique arrangement offered up in a kaleidoscope, the beauty it will create is never predictable but also never disappoints.  

Lara Scriba
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