Shall I Celebrate National Epitaph Day or Unicorn Day

By: Peggy Willms

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My grandson just turned one year old on April 1st. I know how perfect – my grandson is an April Fool’s baby. It prompted me to see what else April has to offer in terms of celebrations. There are 268 recognized observations for the month of April. My eyes crossed and completely dried out counting them all. 268!

Some observations are for the month; some are for the day. For instance, April is the Month of Hope and Humor. It is also the Month of Autism, Move More, Alcohol, and Stress Awareness.

April 1st is not only April Fool’s Day (and Crew’s birthday), but we get to Take Down Tobacco, Eat an Edible Book, and celebrate Sour Dough. I cannot make this up. On the first, you can also celebrate One Cent, Fun Day at Work, Hospital Admitting Clerk, and Fossils Day. After the first, we are down to 260 more reasons to celebrate. But we still have 29 days. Who said Santa Claus didn’t come in the spring?

I wanted to chat about some of the nuggets I got my hands on. Let’s start with a few cray cray ones – such as my blog title: Epitaph and Unicorn Day.

On April 6th, get ready to select your epitaph. This day started in 1995. However, epitaphs date back to Egyptian times. I stumbled across a few great ones: “I love bacon”…“I told you I was sick”…“Damn it’s dark down here.” I am being spread into the rolling current of the Caribbean – no epitaph needed for me. In all seriousness, plan your will, powers of attorney, medical durable power of attorney, and heck write your eulogy and epitaph. Help those that are left behind. Please.

April 9th is National Unicorn Day. I already observe a Coffee and Donut Day, AND now I have a Unicorn Day. Wow. Consider me the luckiest girl ever. Observation committees believe unicorns are real, too. According to, “The unicorn is a symbol of happiness, fantasy, and wonder. It’s an icon of color, of childlike splendor and magic. They often make appearances on birthday cakes and children’s clothing. National Unicorn Day is your chance to express some unicorn love, so show some color and delve into the magnificence of unicorns with us!” I shall grab my unicorn sweatshirt and horned-knitted cap and face the day.

Here is a doozy. Now be positive. April 14th is National Ex-Spouse Day. I know we “all” don’t have an ex – so you may lose out on this one. Sorry, not sorry. This is one holiday I don’t mind honoring. Of course, it depends on which ex we are talking about. My sons’ dad. Yup. I shall honor him. “Thank you for being an adult – a man – and putting our children first.”

The dedication is a cool concept. It is designed to reflect on the learnings from your past relationship. I always said, remember there are reasons we entangle to even the jerks of our past. Before I get a shit ton of emails, I am not saying everyone should find their ex and say, love you – miss you. I am just saying that if your ex is a decent human, celebrate the good in each other, even if under your breath. And to the evil exes, shame on you!

Easter falls on April 17th. Easter is more than the Easter Bunny, decorating eggs, and consuming lots of jellybeans and Cadbury eggs. The Easter holiday has many representations for different belief systems. Most relate Easter to a Christian holiday when Jesus Christ emerged from the tomb after his crucifixion. It is also associated with the exodus of the Jews from Egypt.

Here we go, you sexy beasts. April 25th is National Lingerie Day. I guess women needed to fully dress as they went to work during World War I, so they revved up the sewing machines started stitching those working moms some undies. In 2020 it was a $42 billion industry. Whoa COVID did help an industry. Those on-line purchases and a little boredom. Just sayn…you go, you!

Stop the madness on this one. April 25th, we are literally supposed to Hug Our Plumber. In appreciation their 24/7 save-the-day services. Those heroes – those experts – those ass-crack showing knights in shining armor. Hug away, peeps. I pass.

You might remember these snacks as a kid – or at least my “older” readers will. April 27th brings us Devil Dog Day. How have I missed this one? And apparently this dedication is of military origination. During WWI, the Germans called the U.S. Marines “Devil Dogs.” There were posters, songs and team names. These suckers have been around since the 1920s. But I will just say, Peggy’s head has never made a correlation between the Marines and those two chocolate cakes housing a creamy, deliciousness. Perhaps the tenacious Marines are an excellent reference to the “last forever in your cupboard” snack.

Let’s zip it up with National Zipper Day, which falls on April 29th. Oooh the zipper plays a significant role in all of our lives. Whether you are zipping up that sleeping bag camping with your family or you are sealing the deal on those Levi 501s, we all use zippers. You can thank BF Goodrich for dubbing us with the term zipper. Why? Because of the sound…ziiiiiiiiipppppppp. So creative.

I thought I would say goodbye for the week with a super practical yet fun day for you to celebrate. April 30th is National Sense of Smell Day. Of course, this day can spark many events and memories. Shall you jaunt around the park skipping to the aroma of the wildflowers blooming in the field? Shall you relish in the smell of the fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies your Mom just pulled from the oven? Shall you catch an unwelcomed whiff from your dog, Rover? You have a few weeks to figure that out.

Regardless of your April celebrations, remember Spring is on the way. April showers bring May flowers. The sun shall poke her pretty head out more frequently. The birds are singing a song of sixpence. And I am recovering from all that icing from Crew’s cake pops. Happy April, all.

Peggy Willms
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