Fluid Roots

By: Lara Dustin Scriba


(2 min. read)

My mind spins, swirls, and dives deep while simultaneously floating from one thing to the next. Vacillating from one internal experience to the next, processing undertones and external stimulation, I can easily be pulled out of the present moment. I think I have met my match. Mother Nature has captured my undivided attention, all the tendrils of distractions twisted and twirled into one singular moment of splendor at a time.

I’ve been reminded why I chose this life afloat; despite its fluid nature, it is so profoundly grounding. You can not help but be present in the moment. An ever-changing waterscape requires vigilance for safety but also constantly piques your curiosity with each splash or flash of movement under the surface.

Nature commandeers your attention everywhere and nowhere all at once. An omnipresence that takes over the senses and soothes the soul like no other.   

The world comes alive, each sunrise and sunset equally as spectacular. A new picture is painted depending on the elements that decide to come and play that day. Fog, clouds, or clear sky cast a different hue upon the horizon. 

I wake every morning excited to play with the sun. I throw down my mat, and together, we slowly, sleepily rise for the day ahead. Its rays illuminate a whole new world beneath the water’s surface. Kelp forests create a cozy home for the fish to play and feed, offering a whole new playground for us all.

I watch my children come alive, literally vibrating with excitement to start the next day as they crawl into their beds, the sea softly rocking them to sleep. Discovering parts of themselves that they never knew existed, a sense of pride emerges as they source dinner for the evening after learning to spearfish for the very first time. Seeing themselves become an integral part of Mother Earth’s seasons, cycles, and vast offerings.

At the end of the day, We feel a sense of wholeness, belonging, and peace that leaves us speechless. Just a woman tends to cycle with the moon, our collective daily rhythm cycles with the rise and fall of the sun—a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine energy, a profound feeling of being truly complete.

This essence seeps itself into the quality of the connections with the earth, ourselves, one another, and those in our extended community. A sense of simplicity that unburdens the heart, mind, and soul. Each moment is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the splendor surrounding you. 

I know the storms, wind, and rough waters are bound to come, demanding our attention on a whole other level. For now, though, I’m enjoying learning to integrate into this watery world, one swish and sway at a time.

Lara Scriba
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