Thank You For Letting Me Be Your Mom

A Tribute to Unbreakable Bonds

By: Peggy Willms 

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It is Mother’s Day again. This year, I am taking a different approach to reflect on the profound and unbreakable bond between myself and my two sons. Sons hold a unique place in a mother’s heart, bringing joy, love, and a sense of pride that knows no bounds. I say thank you and celebrate the sons who have enriched my life and shaped me into the mother I am today. I adore you, Shane and Tanner.

Depending upon your spiritual beliefs, there are many opinions that children pick their mother when their souls come to Earth. If Pastor Google says it, it must be so: There is no scientific evidence that children choose their parents. However, some ancient cultures, including Native American, African, Indian, Greek, and Tibet, believe that souls choose their parents and families before conception. Some say these souls make cosmic contracts with the Great Spirit, while others say that souls are given little choice and are sent to learn lessons to settle the karmic balance.

So, let’s go with that. Honestly, that’s the only way I can tie my title to this blog. I’m just saying.

From the moment my sons were born, my life was forever changed. The amount of intense, deep love is indescribable. Having children teaches a mother invaluable lessons about patience, resilience, and unconditional love. They have a way of challenging us, testing our limits, and pushing us to be the best version of ourselves. Through the ups and downs of motherhood, my sons taught me to be strong, compassionate, and selfless. They remind me of the importance of kindness, empathy, and forgiveness in a harsh and unforgiving world.

My sons are seven years apart, almost to the day. Both of them were 14 days early, and they weighed within ounces of each other—one brown-eyed, one blue-eyed. They are both intelligent, compassionate, hard-working, and very loyal—my little Pisces babies.

They were very physically fit growing up: baseball, football, motocross, and supercross, of which they went on to accumulate state and national championships and dozens and dozens of fractures and concussions. It is hard to stop your children from doing what they love, especially when they excel. Many people never understood why we allowed our sons to participate in extreme sports. The oldest has become a motocross coach, using his 30 years of experience to assist others in enjoying motorsports. The youngest had to retire due to a horrific motorcycle crash nine years ago. He is still coping with the injuries as I type this.

As parents, I honestly believe we all do our best on any given day to provide a safety net for them to grow and become independent so they can go out into this wild world and not only survive but thrive. In recent months, both have been on track to becoming the best versions of themselves. From nutrition, sleep, movement, and self-care to building relationships with others and, more importantly, with themselves.

I can still hear their first cries, see them take their first steps, and have images of them heading into the old brick building for their first day of school. My heart swells with pride at their accomplishments and milestones. I am incredibly proud to have watched them grow into kind, kind-hearted, and responsible men.

I cherish my relationship with them. Our closeness is a testament to the hard work all three of us have put in. Willms.3. I cherish all our heartfelt conversations, and the memories of us all laughing are some of my most prized possessions.

I shall take the time today to savor each moment we have had, appreciate the future memories we will create, and continue to feel blessed that you “chose” me to be your mom.

Our unbreakable bond is the best gift I have ever received. Happy Mother’s Day to me.

Peggy Willms
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