Good Vibrations

By: Faith Pearce

(3 min read)

Do you think in song? In my busy mind, there are swirling thoughts, ideas, conversations, and memories all processing at once. I have always likened it to a computer having multiple tabs open, and you can never figure out which one is playing music.

Music and in particular sounds, have always been an integral part of me. From a young age I sang in choirs, played various instruments and we always had music playing at home or in the car. Foster and Allen as well as Abba were some of the favorites. Copied onto cassette tapes and they were often played repeatedly. My dad had a big love of music, anything ranging from the Police to Mariah Carey. As a teenager I had a wide variety of old and new CDs. Blasting out a tune at the end of the day was always my way to relax and let loose. You could do anything to me, but don’t take away my music.

As I grew older I listened to music less and less and had forgotten how I connected to it. It is like anything else, when you get out of the habit of doing something you forget. I was no longer around music so I fell out of the habit of listening to it.

I forgot how harmonies can make the hairs stand up on my arm. Or how feelings of peace and calm flow through me when music is playing. Certain songs make me feel warm inside and other beats instantly lift me up making me want to sing and dance. I suspect music does this to most of us. 

Even though I forgot the habit of playing music “out loud,” music has continued to play in my head. Different emotions evoke different genres. At times, many play randomly and simultaneously. It could be anything from Cher belting out “If I Could Turn Back Time” to “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” which always makes me think of the original Lion King. As random as my thoughts are, it is as random as my subconscious musical concerts. Most of the time, I just laugh and go with it – singing away. Then there are the dreaded instances when the song will simply not go away. For me, repeating songs is a good indicator of what I’m thinking or feeling.

This last week I started playing my crystal bowls again. In particular, my heart chakra bowls. The familiar warm feelings returned to my heart center and stomach. Listening and feeling the vibrations inside from my head to my toes, allowed me to reconnect with myself. And I felt more grounded and balanced than I had in a long time.

It reminded me of how different vibrations affect our mood. So this morning when I woke I had “Good day, Sunshine” blasting in my head. I looked at my clock, and I had slept eight hours.

I felt amazing as this much unbroken sleep is such a rarity. This particular song played incessantly in my head. After doing my morning jobs, I pulled the song up on Spotify and listened to the lyrics. There is usually a message there for me and this was no different. After the opening words ‘Good day, Sunshine’ … there it was …

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out

I’ve got something I can laugh about

I feel good, in a special way

I’m in love and it’s a sunny day”

What a great message and lovely reminder. Everywhere we look, there is something we can smile about. We can choose the things we focus on, how we spend our time and how we celebrate the little things in life. Even when having a bad day, we can find the melodies of life. By simply changing the music that surrounds us, our mood can be instantly transformed. Switching the radio channel to an upbeat song, can change everything in a few minutes – internally or externally.

Getting into nature and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin whilst listening to the birds sing their songs can bring joy. Walking in a woodland and listening to the swaying of the trees as they sing their songs, might relax you. Surrounding yourself by water and listening to its splash or flowing trickle may bring on immense calm. Nature has its own natural rhythm and vibration. It’s important to make time for the things that fill you up and make you feel good. Sound resonates on so many levels for me and makes me feel good.

What vibrations are you feeling today? Do you have any songs on repeat? I challenge you to look up the lyrics and see if they speak to you. And, go sing and dance.  

Faith Pearce 
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