I am Here Because of the Days Passed By

By: Michelle Lange 


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Introducing an extraordinary individual who wears many hats: an author, an etheric artist, an inspiring thought leader, an astute and eloquent speaker, and a mother. This remarkable person is not only a mother but also a mother of a special circumstances child, whom she adopted.

My name is Michelle Lange, and welcome to Michelle’s Moments

Hello Gorgeous

This is a safe place for you to curl up, cuddle close and read to your hearts content in order that your soul grows and blossoms like the rose that you are. A diamond in the rough waiting to be polished with life’s big and little scuffles.

Being born in New Zealand, my vision is a worldwide perspective. Such a perspective sees different and differences as gifts that bind us together in our human adventure. My ethos for writing is to bring soul-heart connectivity, sharing my personal journey and the struggles through which I have lived and thrived.

My life challenges resume includes, divorce, death, depression, and even a sojourn with cancer as much as three years ago. It brought me a unique perspective on life. This developed a deep appreciation for the value of positivity and resilience. By having a determination to overcome challenges, I have found a home to focus on finding joy in everyday moments, cultivating a positive mindset, and embracing self-care and self-love.

By sharing parts of my story, I hope to bring compassion, understanding, and support to those of you who may be going through or have gone through similar life tussles. This unique perspective on life enables me to guide you to see through the lens of positive and empowering possibilities.

I bring to the blogging table six years of experience, thought-provoking words, an empathetic heart, and fearlessly delving into my own truths with vulnerability so that they resonate deeply, leaving a lasting impact on you, my readers. Why? So that you acquire wisdom from what I discovered and learned. By sharing my story in an organic, real way, you will be inspired to embrace your authenticity and find strength in your own stories.

Thinking of finding strength, may I say that I am here today because as the days have passed by, I decided that I am more than a survivor of breast cancer; I am a testament to the power of resilience and the indomitable force of the human spirit. As we look into the face of adversity, know that hope and positivity can prevail. Prevail it will as you choose to take a chance on yourself.

I have an unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of others by spreading light, hope and divine intelligence. Again Welcome to Michelle Moments, I am so glad to have you here sharing a moment with me. I trust as time goes by that you will take a chance on me and return often to this page to be uplifted, encouraged, empowered, and loved.


Michelle Lange
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