I Wish, I Wish Upon a Full Moon

By: Peggy Willms

(3 min read)

Are there any crazies out there tonights? Are you dropping things? Are you feelings super cranky or even full of bliss? Do you simply feel like howling at the top of your lungs tonight? Why not.

At the very least, make a wish.

Today, July 16, 2019, at 5:38 p.m. eastern, the Earth will experience a FULL Buck MOON. The July FULL MOON is named after the new antlers that evolve on a buck’s forehead every summer. Did everyone know that but me?

What I did know is that the MOON has different phases that roll through about every month. My scienctific knowledge apparently has a bit of dust collected upon it. Inside scoop here, there are not just four phases (as I thought) or even eight but like 12. Ugh. When I think of the moon or even refer to the moon, I often do it in simplistic terms such as it is a quarter, half, three quarter or full moon. I might say look at the moon shine tonight. Not moonshine as in drink moonshine. ha. Instead of you nah nahing me on my research of how many phases of the moon there is, my goal is to simply share a bit of myth and personal experience about how we tend to act during the full moon versus a full-blown astrology lecture. 

Let’s just pretend…the full moon is a magical phenomenon that spews out lotsa weird, energetic, unexplainable actions…often called Lunar Lunacy.

The moon does play around with large bodies of water and since we are made up of 75% water perhaps it too plays fun games with us. Many studies have argued the full moon affects the below yet others claim the full moon doesn’t affect a thing:

  • Accidents and crime increase.
  • All sorts of animals respond out of character.
  • Sleep is known to increase for some or decrease for others.

Discounters say the accidents are caused by us gawking at the moon and not paying attention to the roads as well as the increased lighting caused by the lighting can cause glare, and thus accidents. Discounters also say that crime increases because the added natural floodlight of the moon allow opportunity for criminals to increase their activity because they can see better. Geez. And finally, the extra shimmering light causes sleep disruption say the naysayers, NOT the “behavior” of the moon. Lord, I could frick’n go on forever.

In addition, let’s not forget those with spiritual connections who have strong beliefs in the roles of the sun and the moon, believing they arouse emotions, behaviors, and consciousness with their different energy frequencies.

Spiritual leaders believe to their core this Yin Yang pair has the following roles: 1) The sun is our “outer world” – our identity, our personality, our ego; how we show up in the world, and 2) The moon is our “inner world” representing our feelings and unconscious beliefs, past and our feminine side.

Whatever your experiences, beliefs, or studies you have read, there is never a bad time to recognize gratitude and our connection to others. You can use the full moon as a gentle reminder. I mean, come on…once a month isn’t horrible, right?! As I always say – thoughts become things so be grateful and nice-it’s not that painful.

For me, I am always trying to learn new things and step into other views of the world. I do try to dash outside every full moon and gaze at its beauty in awe, and I try to set time aside to think about and, in the best-case scenario, write down my gratitudes, intentions, or focuses for the next month.

So how about tonight you try to manifest something amazing…a desire or a dream. Oh my gosh, what if something actually goes your way? WHOA, Nelly!

Enjoy your evening for whatever you believe this July’s Buck Full Moon will bring you. I wish I wish upon a moon.

Peggy Willms
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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