January: The Monday of the Year

By: Christine Hersom


(3 min. read)

Welcome to the first month of the year, where the holiday cheer has faded, the winter blues have set in, and the gym is suddenly overcrowded with people who have made “get fit” their New Year’s resolution. You’ve got it…It’s January. Let’s face it – January is the Monday of the year. Just like the first day back to work after a relaxing weekend, January has a way of making us all feel like we’re trudging through the year with a collective case of the Mondays.

First, let’s talk about the weather. January has a way of making the most optimistic person feel like they are living inside a giant snow globe with an ice fan blowing through them. The days are short, the nights are long, and the only thing that seems to be growing is the mountain of snow outside your window. I must admit that this year, we still haven’t had snow. While I am living my best life right now, I know that I will pay the price soon. One thing we can count on in January is the bone-chilling cold that makes us seriously question why we live in a place where the air hurts our faces.

What about the post-holiday letdown? After weeks of festive parties, indulgent meals, and general merriment, January hits us with a reality check that is about as welcoming as a cold toilet seat on a winter morning. The twinkling lights and jolly cards have been replaced by a sense of quiet and an overwhelming feeling of “now what?” as we stare at the barren expanse of our once-festive living room.

Let’s not forget about the New Year’s resolutions. January is the time when we make grand plans to change our lives for the better…only to realize a few weeks later that maybe we set the bar too high. The gym is packed, the salad aisle at the grocery store is picked clean, and our social media threads are filled with #NewYearNewMe. It’s all fun and games until you realize that your resolve is about as sturdy as a sandcastle at high tide.

The financial hangover from the holiday season hits in January. It has a way of making our wallets feel as light as our motivation to leave the house in subzero temperatures. Between the extravagant gifts, the festive feasts, and the general spirit of “treat yourself,” it’s no wonder that January feels like a month-long penance for our December spending spree.

Fear not, as all is not lost in the January doldrums. After all, what’s Monday without a little humor to help us through? Embrace the Monday-ness of January by finding joy in the little things, like the satisfaction of peeling the plastic off a new calendar, the excuse to wear cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks, and the sheer pleasure of curling up with a good book while the snow falls outside.

Let’s not forget that January is the perfect time to indulge in some guilt-free hibernation. Embrace your inner bear and take advantage of the chilly weather to cozy up at home with a mug of hot cocoa and your favorite Netflix series. After all, there’s one thing January excels at: it gives us the perfect excuse to be gloriously lazy. It’s no wonder many people give up on their exercise resolutions…January is freezing and invites snuggling deep into a blanket on the couch.

So, as we navigate our way through the Monday of the year, let’s remember to laugh in the face of January’s quirks and challenges. After all, January is just one month out of twelve. Before we know it, we will be basking in the warmth of summer and wondering where the time went. In the meantime, let’s find joy in the absurdity of it all because if we can’t laugh at January, what can we laugh at?

One of the best ways to combat the January blues is to surround yourself with good company. Plan a game night with friends, host a potluck dinner, or enjoy quality time with loved ones. Laughter is the best medicine, and there’s nothing like a good dose of humor to chase away the winter gloom.

Another tactic to survive January is to plan something to look forward to. I always take the first week of March to travel somewhere warm. Once January rolls around, I start to look at the area where I am going and plan the sights I want to see and the places I want to go, whether it’s a weekend getaway, a concert, or a special event, having something on the horizon.

Finally, remember that January won’t last forever. Before we know it, the days start getting longer, and the sun starts getting warmer. The snow will begin to melt, and the signs that spring is right around the corner will start to show up. So, hang in there, keep your sense of humor intact, and remember that we are all in this together. After all, if we can survive January, we can survive anything else that the year throws at us. Maybe one day, we will look back on January with a fondness reserved for the quirkiest, most lovable Monday of them all.

Christine Marshall Hersom
All Things Wellness, LLC

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