Mercury Retrograde Is NOT My Problem

By: Peggy Willms

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I have had a rough four or five years regarding technology hardware. Shall we dive right in?

Half the time, I don’t know what came first, the chicken or the egg. At this point, I don’t care. I am beyond frustrated. I typically do not get angry. And I certainly do not throw things. I must say, in the last few weeks, I have gotten angry and thrown things. I know – “How emotionally resilient, Coach. Way to go. Way to set an example. Such an excellent job of trying to take a break, get outside, and cool off.”

Listen, I have been so frustrated that if I took a break and got outside to cool off – I would still be wandering around the Mohave Desert!

I must start by telling you that I listen to God, my Spirit Guides, my Guardian Angels – whoever will talk with me that is for my Higher Good. So, when I get all sorts of signs, I am no dummy – I listen! To the point that when some messages scream loud enough, I will even pivot parts of my career. I have shut down my social media for a month at a time. I stopped holding wellness retreats. I would pause my radio show or stop pushing certain content. I have let go of contracted employees. So, when red flags wave over and over, it is not like I ignore the parade. Okay?! Let’s keep going.

I have had three laptops fail in five years. Yes, three, and yes, they are all the same brand. I have made an executive decision to set up another system soon. And it won’t be the same brand. You might think, “Well, Peggy, that might be your problem.” Seriously! Nope. That can’t be the sole issue. How can I confidently say that? Because I have lots more juice to share.

Let me continue with the list of other “issues.” By the time this is done, you will be telling me it is all related to Mercury Retrograde. Well, if so, we have been retrograding every day since 2017. Maybe Jesus wants me to bake bread for a living.

I don’t suspect my issues have any one source to blame. I have tried slapping all this mishap on cyber-hacking, human stalking, vendettas, Big Brother, Alexa, and even a stint of Peggy is a Demolition Queen, or she self-sabotages. Trust me, I would put any Dateline private investigator to shame on my deep-dive looking for the culprit(s).

In addition to the three laptops, I have “lost” (let’s use that word) two external cameras, three mouse (mice-ha), five keyboards (three in just the last two weeks), two USB connectors, three external hard-drive back-ups, a headset, and lots and lots of data. Oh, and I cannot find my Air pods. Does that count?

You might ask, “Girl, are you battling this alone? Have you asked the experts to help?” I thought you were listening. I said I wasn’t a dummy.

You name it, I am buds with the international Geek Squad, so you cannot say I haven’t had the “smart guys” on the hot trail of this big mystery. The Colorado dudes, the Florida dudes, the chat-room dudes, the phone-call dudes. I am now fast and furious friends with Seagate. I get their “what’s up, girl” emails. Does everyone get those?

Files…oh, please let’s talk about all the lost files. The files started playing the big league games last year. I had a bout with 16,500 files going bye-bye. And, yes, they disappeared from the iCloud at the same time. They are lost forever, and the external hard drive not only lost those files, but the actual drive itself disappeared off my screen. The “d” drive vanished before my eyes taking along the 16k documents with it.

Surely, you are still on the “99% of the time it is human error” train. Ha. Good one! 

Am I done – no!

Months later, I “lost” 250,000 files which miraculously returned in 24 hours. I am not joking. Are these files all backed up, you ask? Yes. At any point in time, I have two backups. So, I have a backup to the backup! In March of 2021, it was amusing. Later that day, my two back-ups died off the USB connector, followed by the computer a few days later, and then my dad’s computer after I left his house. My HP laptop was only two years old. Whoops, I gave away the brand. Shut the fricking front door.

Malware…Ransomware…they are all on my trail. I had no idea I was this big of a deal. I am just a crazed Mohawk lady who tries to help people and Facetimes her grandson. Go pick on Big Pharma or something.

The pissah is that THREE keyboards have shit the bed in the last month. Here is a big straw that broke the camel’s back. Don’t spit your coffee here.

The extra fun fact is just for the wicked. I sent an email to one of my contributing authors in my upcoming book and guest bloggers, and the “new” keyboard took my words and sentences and made every one of them backwards (literally) BUT only hers. Ms. Emmons can testify to my story. Here is a cut and paste from that exact email…PS: it starts with “Gorge” at the bottom and literally goes backwards.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FTW .sdrawkcab gnipyt si draobyek ym…tihs siht ta kooL .uoy htiw neppah hcet gnihtyreve seod yhw gniddik ton ma I .egroG

So, I rushed in yet another from Amazon. I am writing a book, for Heaven’s sake. AND within only a few hours, it was doing what the other two were. It would not stop repeating keys. First, the s’s went crazy, and then the l’s, and then it just got all rando. Sybil3 (the stupid name I call) would stick and just start typing on her own. Are you ready???

I thought it was JUST the external keyboards until after I threw Sybil3 on the floor and went back to using the laptop keyboard, but THOSE KEYS were now repeating themselves. The keys on my actual laptop. This is horror-flick worthy.

In addition to the hardware issues, I also lost my YouTube channel with over 350 videos during this time. I then pissed off Mr. FB (social media platform), and he stopped all my live and taped video shows. Apparently, I am in Community violation. I filed a dozen appeals, and YT and FB wouldn’t tell me what I did. At this point I am factiously thinking it is because I am spreading the word of health and positivity or it is bots and they simply cannot give me an answer because they do not know WTH happened. Well join the gang – me either!

We have the max top-of-the-line router. 5G this bro! There aren’t enough hurricanes in Florida to “blame it on the rain” (wasn’t that Milli Vanilli), so it isn’t Wi-Fi or connection issues.

I am so over it. You can throw me another question, diagnose me medically or spiritually, or tell me any other cause you think it is, and I can add it to the litany I have already gathered. I have been told dozens of times that I probably have ionized radiation issues because I have spent a lifetime in the sun, have had dozens of x-rays and CT scans, and have been surrounded by electronics daily for decades.

I am telling you if I wear any heavier of an EMF necklace or any more tourmaline or hematite jewelry, carry around any larger of a selenite stick, pray to the Lords any more often, or throw a keyboard any harder, we are going to have some significant inpatient psych ward issues.

And “No, Mercury Retrograde is NOT My Problem.” However, I did get a random TikTok comment five days ago that might just might solve it all. Well, actually it was super creepy. Here it is, verbatim-spelling errors and all:

“I was going through ur profile nd ur ancestors review to me about your path that there are some spiritual blockages that has been in you for sometimes.” To which I replied…


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