Navigating the Unknown

By: Lara Scriba

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I love exploring and learning to navigate the unknowns of both our inner and outer worlds. This sense of curiosity has led me down many paths, allowed me many unique opportunities, and allowed me to live a very multifaceted life.

I’ve been called to write not only as a form of creative expression but also as a form of connection. There is a unique clarity that comes to me through the written word, an ability to articulate only when speaking from one soul to another. 

My hope is that through my words and stories, we connect on this soul level. Unearthing both the undercurrents that can tend to carry us away and also connect with and honor the deeper awareness we carry quietly within on a daily basis. Together, from this place of both curiosity and compassion, we can explore this wild and wonderful life.

 As we begin our journey together, I’d love to introduce myself and my many facets. 

I’m a homeschooling mother of two incredible boys. My husband and I have lived aboard and raised them on our sailboat over the past 12 years. We began our slow snail trail of an adventure on Vancouver Island, made an eight-year pitstop in San Francisco, and are now currently cruising Mexico for the next few years. Our dream is to explore the world in a big way while aboard our small yet very cozy home.

My internal exploration began in my teens as I struggled to recover from an eating disorder for many years. This journey led to a lifetime of learning, healing, and seeking authentic connection.

A passion for holistic healing grew wildly over the years. I have an unquenchable thirst for learning, self-exploration, and understanding how and why things work. This passion led to training in a mix of western and eastern modalities, which I see as a beautiful blending, exploration, and expression of energy and healing.

I believe deeply that we are each our own greatest teachers and that we can learn to quiet ourselves enough to listen to the nudges our bodies and intuition send and take action from a place of unconditional love and compassion. If we ask enough questions, we are bound to find the answer, and sometimes, we just need to play with different modalities and think outside the box in order to meet all of our needs.

We are dynamic beings, and it’s through curiosity, connection, compassion, creativity, and authentic acts of self-care that we can embrace our unique expression in this world. 

Allowing us to navigate a world beautiful beyond our dreams, both inside and out. 

Lara Scriba
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