Reflections of the Heart

By: Lara Scriba

(4 min read) 

Recently I’ve been asked what the word healing means to me. Everyone’s healing journey is different, but it leads me to really think about what my own definition is and how I’ve experienced it so far.

It immediately brought to mind, of course, the many, many books that I’ve read that opened both my heart and mind to the idea that healing was possible, page by page absorbing every ounce of hope I could. Picking and choosing ideas and methodologies that resonated.

The many classes and trainings I’ve taken provided the tools and a pathway, encouraging me to tap into the strengths and wisdom that exists within and around me.

But my heart swells with the deepest gratitude when I think of the memories, times of connection, compassion, and care when I am with others. The many people who have supported me along the way and shared both their stories of struggle and triumph. Reassuring me that I was not alone on this path.

Moments of reflection that allowed access to the most beautiful, precious, and deeply powerful parts of myself through the beliefs others held for me when I could not see it or hold it for myself. 

Weaving webs of support and safety, creating a network of people that hold space for growth, possibility, and gaining perspective from a place of curiosity rather than condemnation.  

Often, in the beginning of our healing journey, holding that space for ourselves can feel impossible. We are too close to the source of pain. Healing can begin when space is held for the truth and complexity of the situation at hand to be witnessed, allowed, and nurtured.

Finding another being or community to hold that space for you in a gentle and compassionate way can be life-changing. Creating a container that is deeply supportive without shying away from the “hard truths.”

Leaning in and noticing where we need to hold ourselves (or others) accountable, be truly honest about when certain circumstances are unavoidable or where we have given our power away, and then learning how to take that power back and regain a sense of agency.

Periods of quiet contemplation, carving out space and time to go inward, and unravel the knots of chaos in our minds are been imperative. A space to simply breathe in silence.

Overwhelm or confusion can consume me in times of turmoil, so by moving through a more methodical or structured experience of introspection (journaling, tarot, numerology) or embodied experience (yoga, breathwork, meditation, reiki) has been deeply healing.

Providing a framework or foundation to ground into that has allowed me to safely explore the depths of despair, the highs of potentiality and possibility, and tap into a deep sense of peace and power that resides within my own being. 

Honoring that healing is not the same as curing. The reality or effects of what is or what occurred (disease or past traumas) may still exist, but when we allow ourselves to honestly express ourselves and take ownership of caring deeply for ourselves, despite the circumstances, healing can occur even if a disease is not cured or trauma cannot be undone.

Shifting our experience of the circumstances at play. Lessening the load, as we release the burdens that we hold in our hearts and minds, our body often begins to feel lighter, more at ease. The act of releasing and letting go allows the opportunity to invite joy, delight, love, and peace into our being.

Building a sense of confidence and trust within the self means building an inner awareness of what is occurring and then consistently meeting that awareness by taking actions to actually meet those needs, over and over again, to solidify that sense of self-trust.

Creating and upholding boundaries that allow you to show up fully in the world without fear of losing yourself to others’ agendas.

Allowing ourselves to imagine that even in these challenging circumstances, we are creative, wise, resilient, whole beings, capable of handling whatever stands in front of us.

Exploring the spectrum of both possibility and limitation, pain and joy, regret and hope, noticing where you currently land, and then actively choosing to be the narrator of your own story.

Whether we are within our own minds or connecting with others, when there is a safe space made for it all to be explored and processed in a compassionate, non-judgmental space, that is when healing begins, and growth becomes possible. The act of being truly seen and heard is so deeply healing in and of itself.

Consistently showing up for ourselves builds the courage to finally step out of isolation, doubt, judgment, and fear and step towards connection, clarity, awareness, and purpose. By embracing our own brilliance and resilience, the power and wisdom we truly hold becomes evident and undeniable.

Lara Scriba
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC
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