Seeds of Hope

By: Cyndi Wilkins 


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Not everyone is beautiful, smart, funny, rich, or successful, whatever your definition of that may be, but everyone is as unique as their fingerprint and has something of value to share with the world.

We all face struggles in our lives, and those born into struggle have a great deal to teach us about being vulnerable enough to ask for help, even when it comes in a most unusual way.

Years ago, when I had moved into my current home, there was a disturbance within its walls. It was a dark, heavy energy that wreaked havoc in the night. At first, I ignored the unusual sounds coming from the basement as just the settlings of an old house with a bad case of arthritis.

However, after I began seeing shadowy apparitions coming and going from my daughter’s nursery in the wee hours of the morning, I became a little concerned about what kind of poltergeist activity may be visiting my baby as she slept.

As she grew older, she began to experience night terrors. I knew instinctively what the problem was and immediately reached out to a friend who is an energetic medium. She discovered the disturbance to be that of an elderly man who once lived here.

He was the only son of a single parent on Welfare who grew up in the projects. He felt badly for his mother’s struggles, and the local kids constantly bullied him for being poor.

By the time he came to live in my home, he was a young man with a family of his own. He always dreamed of owning his own home, and his dream came true when an uncle he barely knew left him the house in his will. However, his dream soon became a nightmare over a property dispute with his neighbors. 

As it just so happens, his neighbors were my grandparents. And the property in question was the possession of my great aunt, who predeceased her husband, leaving no will about her wishes to return her possessions to her sister, who is my grandmother.

As you may have guessed, her belongings never returned to her family and instead were passed on to this long-lost nephew after my great aunt’s husband passed away. The nephew (the angry old spirit in my home) refused to return the items, creating a ‘Hatfield and McCoy’ situation spanning decades.

That was his unrest, as his spirit still lingered in the home he once cherished, waiting for a resolution to his earthly squabble.

It became clear to me that his unfinished business here on earth had followed him into the afterlife, and he saw me as his opportunity to put things to rest. After all, I was the granddaughter of his torment.

When I asked how I could help, he suggested I plant a seed in a flowerpot and place it in a sunny area on the front porch where he loved to sit. I tended to it with loving care, and later that summer, a beautiful purple flower blossomed. Purple represents spiritual wisdom and a connection to the divine.

 I have not heard from him since. May they all rest in peace. 

Cyndi Wilkins
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