Seven Chakras in Seven Minutes

(First published in BizCatalyst 360 on May 2, 2023)

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I’ve written extensively over the past several weeks about being at the beach. It is my happy place. Being relocated for the past four months has had its challenges, but it has also been chock-full of blessings.

Our home is still being remodeled due to the aftermath of Hurricane Ian last fall. We lived there for only two months. I know, bummer, right?! We were forced to relocate and have been living one hour south until it is completed. Finding the blessings in the curses is what I do best. If you are looking in your rear-view mirror, you cannot see what is in front of you.

We are currently staying one mile from the beach and may only be here another month. I decided it was time to spend my last few weeks watching the sunrise, smooshing my feet into the white sand, and swimming in the salty waters.

As I lay drying off from my swim in the 78-degree Gulf Coast waters, I realized today was the first day in a long time that my monkey brain might be forced by nature to take a break. During my swim, the waves were crashing as I’d never seen them before, and my mind couldn’t play its game of distraction as I had to concentrate on the undertow. And now, as I lay on my pink and white polka-dotted towel, the breeze is flowing through me like a ping-pong ball in a Pac-Man game.

It was time to see if I could remain thought-free and listen to my body or other messages being sent to me. For most of my career, I have shared Western medicine approaches to health, wellness, and wellbeing. However, I have a robust spiritual connection and killer intuition.

Before closing my eyes, my 3-D mind notes the huge skyscrapers behind me. I take a few deep breaths and settle in. I begin a rhythmic breath with my arms spread out to the side like a female Jesus on the cross. Feeling the weight of my body press into the sand, I begin to feel weightless. When I “ground” myself, I work from head to toe. Like many of you, I perhaps have the same approach. Visualizing my feet tethered to Mother Earth right down to her bubbling core center, and I then begin working up through my chakras. Being aware of all my energy centers is crucial to me. When I am off kilter – I am off-kilter! Dependent on my restricted areas, I eat foods aligned with my chakras, such as yellows and oranges for my solar plexus, and throw on some jewelry to match. You should see the 74-pound rose quartz I have. She is a beauty.

Today was a unique experience. My human brain didn’t need to lead a body assessment at all. The sea took care of that. Very quickly, I became aware that as the ocean waves crashed onto the shoreline, they were in sync with my breathing pattern. As I worked my way up from my root to my crown chakra, the thrashing of the current flushed my pipes, so to speak. Though I was about 30 feet away, I felt like my feet were in the sea, and the high tide worked through my vessel.

As the flushing continued, there was quite a bit of energy swirling in my root and sacral chakras, so I hovered. As the waves continued to crash, so did the energy push through my body. I am most in tune with my solar plexus located around the belly area, which represents confidence, purpose, and self-esteem. When it is off, I am well aware of it. Today she was a dancing ray of sunshine.

Upon the next few exhales, the energy of the waves began approaching my heart chakra. It felt a bit heavy, but not in a negative way. It felt full. Gushing and swirling like a little whirlpool of joy. It started to expand, and I feel the energy branch out and shoot into my shoulders and armpits. As the riptide continues moving up into my throat chakra, I realized it had been scratchy and sore when I woke up this morning. The flow felt like I was gargling in salt water. Now that was cool!

I realized the energy felt like white light today and pure, almost like what a white feather would feel like if you were tickled on the inside. Now you might think I am losing my mind, but I get weirder, trust me. A burst of energy rolled over my tongue. And I choked. It was like my tongue got thick, and I nearly swallowed it. Within seconds, it moved into my third eye. The space between my eyebrows became hot and pressurized. It was like the entire top of my head was ready to burst. My mind’s eye saw a beam of light or a funnel stretching through my crown chakra and connecting to the sun just off to my left. It looked like a luminating gold Twizzler stuck to the sun.

I pinged back into my earthly world and felt the urgency to see what time it was—only seven minutes had passed. I set up grateful, aligned, and thanked all the beautiful messages that came in from Spirit—a seven-chakra tour in only seven minutes.

Peggy Willms
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC
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