Somewhere Over The Rainbow

By: Faith Pearce

(3 min read)

I love rainbows. There is something so beautiful when you see one shining in the sky. Normally, the sun pops its head through the clouds just after a rain shower and is the illuminated arch. Sometimes we have the pleasure of seeing a double rainbow. Now that is quite a treat.

Did you know that when you look at a double rainbow all the colors are inverted (mirrored)? A double rainbow is quite symbolic. It is said to represent new beginnings and a connection to the spirit world. It is also a good omen, a symbol of hope, and good fortune to come. One of the main thoughts is that it is a sign of transformation.

We are headed into spring. Almost by the minute, winter doesn’t want to give up its temperatures, conditions, and icy grip. Mother Nature puts up a good fight. Plants are waking up, and bees are buzzing, yet the trees remain brown and bare, without a single green leaf in sight. If you are from England that is.

Spring is my favorite time of year. I love witnessing the scenery change daily. Life is reborn. Last week, I began selecting a color for the day. I seek out and find as many things as I can that match the daily color. At first, I thought this would be easy, but it proved to be more challenging than I thought.

Initially, it felt like a task. I soon realized it was an adventure. It prompted me to expand my horizon, literally. I chose to travel on foot taking in my surroundings. It has been a fun exercise. It has kept me in the moment. My mind has wandered less this week.

If you have been reading my blogs, you may have noticed I spend a lot of time in my head and can easily go around in circles. Sharing these brain dumps and some of my thought processes have really been helpful. I gain new perspectives. Stepping outside of my head and connecting with my surroundings has taken me to a new level. Especially since I haven’t had much fun recently.

I won’t go into too much detail now – perhaps that will be another blog down the road. But I will say, it has been a time of transformation and change. Change is often unsettling. It arrives unexpectedly. And I defaulted back to, you guessed it, the safety of my old habit: being inside my head. When things feel out of our control, we default to what we can control which provides a feeling of comfort and security.

I had forgotten how to have fun, and I realized I was actively avoiding it. Seeking colors this week allowed me to keep things simple, to connect to the moment, and to appreciate my surroundings. A simple game of chasing colors also brought a sense of security and joy when I needed it most.

What are you doing today? If you could pick one color from the rainbow, how many items might you find that you haven’t noticed before? I’d love to hear your stories.

Faith Pearce 
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