Spring Fresh

By: Lara Scriba

(2 min read) 

I sat tucked in the corner of the coffee shop, rain pouring heavily outside, washing the city streets clean. A quote I read recently keeps tugging at my attention, I searched to find it.

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start indeed. What will you create from this fresh canvas?”

Knowing that this week is full of new beginnings, the new moon, the spring equinox, and my family and I finally moved back onboard our boat after six long months. New cycles were happening in many places, which I love, but that’s not what caught my attention.

I realized it was the use of the word “fresh” rather than the word blank. To me, the word “blank” feels like a void needing to be filled. The cursor blinks on a blank page, anxiety building as writer’s block sets in. 

But the word fresh, I just loved the use of the word. It brought to mind the idea of fresh flowers, fresh sheets just pulled from the line, and fresh-cut grass. A color, crispness, a scent so clear and vivid. The experience of pausing to delight in simple pleasures. 

There is a familiarity in the cycles of the seasons, and spring equates to a fresh start. A rhythm that our soul innately knows so well. Spring is a time to brighten, clean, and tend to our surroundings. The layers slowly start to come off as we embrace the warmth of the sun. A natural urge builds to move a little more, connect with nature and one another. 

We are not starting from scratch but simply allowing ourselves to look at the old through a new lens, a fresh perspective. Dusting off those inner and outer cobwebs, consciously deciding what we are choosing to keep, need to release or wish to receive.

As we move all our belongings back onto our boat, I find that I need to choose and ask myself many questions daily. How do I want to feel in my space? What rhythm do I want my day, week, and month to have? What objects help to support that rhythm? What clothes still feel good on my body? Does this support my growth or can I pass it on? What makes me feel alive, light and free?

This time of year is such a beautiful time to reassess what is most important. A time to allow ourselves to grow, change, expand and evolve the vision we hold for ourselves and our lives. To freshen things up as we move into our next phase. Encouraging a sense of impermanence, to try on new things and see how they feel. Taking the time to tap into what is currently resonating for us rather than mindlessly repeating old patterns. Reveling in the newness of it all allows us to daydream, imagine, play with and explore different possibilities.

We have a lifetime collection of canvases that have captured the essence of our evolution. So, as we enter this new season, pause, reflect, and ask yourself… What will you create with this fresh canvas?


Lara Scriba
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