Structures That Bind Us—June Forecast

By: Lara Scriba

 (4 min read) 

Welcome back to the monthly energetic forecast based on numerology. Last month we dove into how to creatively express ourselves with the three energy. An amplification of ideas, creativity, inspiration, expression, alignment, and joy of collaborating with others. 

Art and ideas come alive when shared with others, but so does our negative self-talk if we aren’t careful. The disempowered side of that energy can be that of overwhelm, judgment, or self-criticism. Pressure can be felt when in the spotlight or the need for the next steps toward implementation come in, and it all feels too chaotic.

Three energy can feel like a deeply freeing process to explore, expand, express, and create. But it can be a very messy process indeed. Spanning from many unfinished projects to full-on masterpieces and everything in between. Our creative energy seems to expand without limits. 

The pendulum swings far and wide as we seek to find our happy medium. 

This is where the energy of the 4 comes in, for the month of June. It’s all about slowing the swing and finding a cadence or rhythm that is more sustainable.

Whether it’s that there are too many amazing ideas or simply too many opinions, this is where the need for a more stabilizing energy comes in. To hone in on your zone of genius or medium that makes you light up and then create structures to support that.

Coming out of the creative process and moving into what can feel like the more mundane energy of building structures, methodical processes, or systems can feel taxing at first. Sometimes though, after a wildly creative ride, following all the shiny objects and moments of inspiration, it can feel like a relief. Either way, it can still be an exhilarating experience, especially when a foundation is built to feature your masterpiece. You are not cutting off all of the creative energy, simply refining the process and grounding the experience of it.

Structure and discipline liberate you and allow for an immense amount of freedom once they are in place. Eliminating the unnecessary, allowing you to refine and repeat a process where you know your soul comes alive, enables you to quickly tap into “the zone”  and become a prolific creator, no matter the medium.

I have to admit this is where I struggle. I have so many ideas, thoughts, and inspirational and intuitive hits I want to implement them all, but often get bogged down by the process of it all and then abandon the mission altogether out of sheer exhaustion.

The challenge or quest this month is to slow down the whirl of creative momentum and see what is truly resonating and mindfully choose. Though we are being methodical in our approach, we want to remain flexible and keenly aware of your energetic boundaries. Are your creative ambitions sustainable? How do you create supportive structures?

Four energy is about grounding, getting quiet, and allowing the body to integrate the intense energy the soul stirred up. Taking the time to notice the lessons to be learned. 

Where in your creative process did you feel in flow? Double down on that.

Where did you feel overwhelmed or simply lost? That’s where you need to focus on creating supportive structures.

Tap into the abundance of support that surrounds you. Allow the mind and body to catch up with the heart and soul. After allowing your creative self to run free, you may feel the need to catch your breath and stabilize. Allow for more nurturing practices, yoga, walking, hiking, or meditation. 

Reintegrate with the body and align the mind. Notice where there was resistance in the process.

The fever of creativity often leaves us with a feeling of “not enough,” comparison, or lack if we are in the disempowered side of the energy. Rest, reevaluate, and take stock of the abundance that surrounds you.

Release any gripping or sense of scarcity. You may feel it physically in your body as tension or tightness. Or possibly as a raging case of FOMO, then finding yourself overbooked and misaligned.

Freely give and receive love. Allow YOURSELF to be supported as much as you support others. Delegate so that what is on your plate is what truly nourishes you, rather than just eating up your time.

Focus on where you are feeling excited and expansive. There is a heavy emphasis both last month and this month to focus on your values and beliefs. To look beyond physical representations of value, to reveal the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back. 

Replace them with what you know to be true from the soul. You are being asked to not only create but to construct your reality from a place of great integrity and alignment.

Integrating the essence of your inspiration into who you are and how you express yourself in the world.

What are the powerful thoughts you think to support your dreams and the values you lead with? How do you love those around you and wield the magic of your own heart? 

When we bind the way we want to creatively express ourselves with the beauty and integrity of our own being, that is when we are able to live to our fullest expression. 

Lara Scriba
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC
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