The Secret Life Hare-E, the Easter Bunny

By: Peggy Willms 


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Depending on your beliefs and family traditions, celebrating Easter may be about Jesus Christ’s resurrection, having a ham dinner with family and friends, putting on your Sunday best, or hiding treats for the younguns in your family. Regardless of your beliefs or activities today, Easter brings us together, and who isn’t egg-cited for a bit of laughter and purple-died fingertips?

Hare-E, our egg-toting icon, will undoubtedly need a long nap.

What does he do during the other 364 days of the year? While most of us envision him lounging in a cozy burrow, sipping carrot juice, and perfecting his egg-painting skills, his reality might not be all that different from ours.

Now that I am a crazy grandmother, I look at things differently. I envision him moonlighting as a speed-dating coach for other furry friends and giving motivational speeches to chickens aspiring to lay the perfect egg.

I cannot imagine what children think as they stumble around the house or backyard dressed in their Sunday best, being encouraged by adults to look for circular objects and throw them into a basket. I think about my grandsons when they are older, realizing Easter isn’t just about gathering hand-painted or plastic-filled eggs. The disappointment that Hare-E is just a hoax like Santa and the Tooth Fairy lies ahead.

Hare-E’s year is as busy as ours. His eggs-hausting workouts and incessant addiction to carrot sticks are his saving grace. Maintaining a tall-slender physique of a fit and fab bunny is no easy feat! In preparation for the big day, Hare-E hits the gym with a vengeance. The Stairmaster is the secret to maintaining the strength in those thunder-hopping thighs. His steady routine allows him to maintain his figure. A day consuming endless Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate statues of himself requires a strict gym regime.

As the unsung hero of Easter, Hare-E runs around like a cotton-tailed pinball, leaving a trail of colorful chaos in his wake, spreading joy and sweetness wherever he goes. From sneaking into gardens to hide eggs to outsmarting mischievous squirrels eyeing his chocolate stash, his bunny business is a mix of comedy and heartwarming charm. After all, who can resist a fluffy creature with a knack for delivering smiles and treats?

Head off for a massage or a pedicure, my friend; your work is done—no more whiny little ones sitting on your lap at the mall. We bid you adieu, Hare-E, for another year. Whether or not you enjoy the whimsical tales of his egg-delivering escapades, one thing is for sure: Hare-E delivers laughter, love, and a sprinkling of bunny magic!

Let’s raise a carrot (or Cadbury egg) to the laughter and joy you bring to this holiday.

Peggy Willms
All Things Wellness, LLC

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