Things Outside of Your Awareness

Andee Scarantino

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 There are always things happening that you are unaware of and every micro-bit affects the whole of us.

 As a new guest blogger for All Things Wellness, my objective is to get you to think just a little differently about the world and your humanity.

 I’m Andee Scarantino. I’m a Mindset and Transformational Coach, and I’ve lived a lot of lives.

 All of those lives have revolved around knowing and understanding people.

 I live in New York City among nine million others. I studied Communications and Sociology. However, most of the true understanding I have of how humans operate has come from my 11 years working in a restaurant in Times Square and from coaching women.

 As I work with women on their limiting beliefs (many to do with their health), I approach almost everything I do from a space of mindset and social science.

 Back in 2007, I was taking a course in the UK as part of a Radio, Film, and Television program. The woman who taught the course said the line “Americans don’t like to read around.”

 That stuck with me.

 The point of her saying this was that Americans like to learn a subject and be taught linearly  (i.e., we don’t incorporate research from outside disciplines and apply it to a subject).

 Because of this, we have a hard time correlating and juxtaposing information from different parts of our lives. Our brains don’t compute that way. Take, for example, about a month ago. GrubHub did a promotion offering “free lunch” to New York City. Great idea! Right?

 Every person who opted to use GrubHub during an hour window of time received a free $15 credit toward a meal. The problem was, GrubHub didn’t consider shortages such as staff, supply, or delivery driver availability. The whole thing went to shit.

 People also found themselves unhappy and angry, and for what? Because not for one split second did they consider “things are happening outside of my awareness that are interrupting action = immediate result.”

 We exist in our worlds autonomously and don’t always take into consideration the massive number of plates that are spinning at every given time.

 When I worked in Times Square, on Wednesday afternoons, the restaurant would be inundated with matinee theatre goers. Every one of them had the thought “I have a show…I need to eat quickly…there’s a restaurant.” But few, if any of them, would think that “everyone else must have this same idea.”

 When it comes to our health and wellbeing, we approach it in a very linear, matter-of-fact sort of way. People will ask for a “checklist” or a “diet” or a “program,” but rarely do they examine the factors outside of the systems of design that make them behave the way they do.

 Take the fallacy of THE FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID that somehow convinced us we should be eating more grains – more grains than the human body should ever consume. It didn’t differentiate carbohydrates. ​It also didn’t differentiate between healthy and unhealthy fats. It was a fast track to obesity. However, the government pushed the model in schools to justify serving up government subsidies. Obesity causes disease, but apparently that is fine. Big pharma has to take their cut apparently that is fine, too.

 On the ground level, pizza and cereal might not be the best foods for you to eat five times a week. However, do you ever ask why you’re eating them in the first place?

 Is it general enjoyment or conditioning?

 The systems that have conditioned you ARE DESIGNED TO DO SO to make you into a product-producing, drone-like peg.

 The reason for THAT is because macro-level forces are working to make billions of dollars at the expense of your sovereignty. You were trained to act standardized because of MONEY. The way you eat. The times you eat. The movements you make and the jobs you choose. Macro-level systems want every action you take to be of a design to keep multi-billion-dollar industries running efficiently.

 One of the greater concepts I grabbed from graduate school was the idea that free will is an illusion. Awareness and curiosity about the unknown make not being in control so much more digestible.

 A nice starting point is to simply ask, “What don’t I know about what’s happening? How can I read ‘around?” Curiosity is a true gift, and helps us move forward in an empowered, peaceful manner.

 I’ll catch y’all next time.

Andee Scaratino 
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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