The Way You Make Me Feel

By: Lori Walker

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One of the reasons I chose music and lyrics for my blog is because I rationalized that I would never run out of material! With words of affirmation as my primary love language for both giving and receiving, it’s how I experience the world. It’s also no coincidence that this Michael Jackson song is one of Mary Queen’s favorites!

For my Usui Reiki Level III Master Practitioner completion training class, we were asked to write about our experience. I have to confess. I didn’t think I would have to read it out loud! So, I really poured my heart into it. These first 12 lines sum up the beginning of my journey.

I’ve watched the world through jealous eyes

In quiet desperation

I’ve envied your simplicity

Your solid, strong foundation

“You’ve always been too much!” They’d say

Then They’d tell me how to feel

I had no choice – no voice was mine

But I knew it wasn’t real

I THINK too much, I FEEL too much

Can’t anybody see?

Is there anybody out there?

Someone just like me?

I’ve always been a deep, intellectual thinker. As a young child, I asked a lot of questions. Too many questions! I thought everyone thinks the way I do. I needed someone to guide me through the freight train of thoughts barreling though my mind. I found out very quickly that no one had the exact answers I was looking for. I began my silent quest on my own.

I’ve searched, and read, and prayed, and then

It finally came – my peace

I never dreamed I’d find a place

Surrender, sweet release

She said, “I understand you.”

 Trust me. You’re just fine!”

 And now it’s time, sweet little child

To trust in the Divine

So now it’s finally safe to share

My thoughts, my love, my ki

May grace flow gently through my hands

To heal and set me free

I’ve always felt awkward sharing in a class or a group. But, if you get me in a one-on-one conversation, that’s where I can thrive! I’m fascinated by listening to other people’s stories. I mentioned in my last blog that we see the world through our own eyes. But wouldn’t it be more accurate to say we see the world through our own experiences?

Up until a few short years ago, I thought of my life as a huge, colossal, waste-of-time mistake.

I had not achieved any significant level of status or prestige. I didn’t come from money, and God knows there is a very slim chance I will ever marry into it…LOL

The only thing that kept me going was my sense of pride. I was proud that I provided a stable home for my son. I was proud that we healed together.  We rose above the trauma to become better, more compassionate versions of ourselves.

During the dark years, I would write poetry. But only for myself. I couldn’t bear to share it with others. I took a class called Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life at my local community college. After our session one particular night, I shared a story with my instructor.

I had read a book called Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life by Larry Winget. I know, catchy title, right? Haha! I remembered that he mentioned finding a mantra, or a certain quote to help keep yourself on track. Paraphrasing his words, he said ‘If you can’t find one that suits you, then write your own!’ So, I did! In grandiose, poetic, Lori fashion. My instructor loved it! She asked for a framed copy to keep on her desk. She wanted to start her day, fresh, every morning.


I believe today will be

In perfect time with destiny

My thoughts control reality

My words compose sweet harmony

Things won’t change unless I DO!

And in my mind, I know it’s true

Imagining a different view

Resolving strength to pull me through

My past, like ashes in the wind

The future opens doors again

The Universe has let me in

Yet I was never gone…

My father always told me, “Nobody knows everything.” I became a student of listening. One of my core beliefs is that I have something to learn from every single person I meet. If you ask the right questions, people will graciously share with you a glimpse into what has worked for them. And maybe I can offer some words that have inspired me along the way in return.

I’m a big fan of Abraham-Hicks. I rely heavily on one their quotes, “There is nothing more important than that you feel good.”

Who makes you FEEL good? Is it a group of trusted, like-minded friends who support you with intense passion and fuel your purpose? Or a single, dependable person who lights up your day with just their smile? How about the one who makes you laugh uncontrollably with their crazy sense of humor? And, maybe, just maybe, it’s yourself, quietly appreciating how far you’ve come on your own.

Pay attention to your feelings. Don’t dismiss the way you feel in an effort to please others. Live your truth, and the road to happiness will unfold, right before your eyes…


Lori Walker
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