What is it like working with Coach Peggy

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“Have a seat on the Coach Couch. Oh crap, hold on…where in the heck is my unicorn coffee mug? Got it. MMM love that aroma-nothing like it. Okay, back to your question…

First of all, it’s a challenge for even me to explain what it is like to work with me. It would be so easy to say, ‘Go to the Client Chalkboard and read a few testimonies.’ Yet, I have heard a few clients say, ‘I don’t know how to explain what you do, so I just tell people to sign up, work with you and then they’ll know.’

The best way I know to explain how it is to work with me is to just lay out a typical conversation.

“Coach Peggy, my name is Nicole. I want to lose 50 pounds. I have lost 50 pounds, fifty times. Nothing works. I gain it back. My metabolism must be broken. I don’t like how I feel or look. I have no energy at work or home. I am embarrassed…blah blah blah.”

“Nicole, take a deep breath. I got you. You know you are more of the norm than not, right? What does wellness mean to you?”

“Well I have done it all: diet pills and powders, Weight Watchers at least five times, Atkins, Jenny Craig, juicing, fasting, trainers, gym memberships and home equipment, nutritionists, lap band surgery, boot camps…”

“Nicole, Nicole, take a deep breath. So getting healthier to you is about weight loss. When did you last get to a goal weight and how long did you keep it off?”

“The longest I ever maintained my weight loss was nine months. But I really never got to my goal. Every time I get close, it seems like I get busy then work gets stressful. The last time my husband got laid off and my mother in law moved in at the same time. I just couldn’t focus on me.”

“Nicole, one more time, I want to say you are more of the norm than not, here me on that? I keep saying this because most everyone I work with thinks they are the only one who cannot master this wellness thing. I just need you to know…there is no cure! As soon as you think you are a master, the world will throw you something else to deal with which is why embedding habits that provide Plan A’s AND Plan B’s are vital; use your energy learning how to stay healthy instead of using your energy to get healthy over and over again.”

“Coach, I am willing to do anything to be healthy and happy again.”

“Steady is the course, girl. First wellness isn’t about just weight loss. Weight loss or gain is the effect of embedding healthy habits that work for you in your world. Not what works for everyone else! Are you ready to absorb the concept that weight loss doesn’t keep you well – healthy habits do? It takes your full focus, and we will work as a team to address underlying issues as to why you struggle getting and staying healthy in the first place? What did you observe growing up and what are your current coping skills? Redefining your habit history and as you say, blah blah blah.”

“I know I emotionally eat. I don’t like to say no to others when they invite me out and everyone is drinking and eating chips. I feel obliged to. Then I get pissed off when I get home. I hate the gym, and I don’t know why I keep joining when I never go. I can’t stand it when…”

“Sista, deep breath. We will meet every week virtually. So you cannot get away from me whether on vacation or at home on the couch. We will first meet for one-hour sessions. Eventually, we will wean to 30 minutes a week, and then bi-monthly based on how you do embedding healthy habits.”

“I heard that you are also available outside of our virtual meetings. I mean what if I am struggling. I don’t know if I can wait a whole week. I can barely focus on anything more than one hour.”

“You are right-I don’t leave you hanging and just hope you figure it all out. In addition to meeting, we will also have a private Facebook site between us. I will post content, empower your through mini-challenges, and be your accountability and motivation partner. And I have been known to answer texts, too. Hee”

“So you will be there between meetings, too?”


“Coach, can you tell me some of the concepts you will teach me?”

“Sure. If I have to pick the Top 3. First, I will teach you to NOT be an A Student. I will teach you to earn a Wellness B/C Grade. No one can be an A Student forever; A’s fall to F’s and fast. We get exhausted or injured being A Students. It is healthier to embed a small, healthy habit long term say, walking every day for years then to hit the gym for 2-hour sessions daily for a few weeks and not move at all for a month.”

“B/C Grade…interesting. That’s hard to teach isn’t it? It feels like lowering the bar.”

“EXACTLY. Not many experts agree with me when I say lower the bar, but I prefer to guide my clients to achieving baby step goals then missing unattainable goals over and over. It is like an athlete who wants to high jump someday in the Olympics, you don’t keep setting the bar at 12 ft. Set it-achieve it. Set it-achieve it…raising the bar each time until bam it is at 12 ft.”

“What is the second concept you can share right now because I am getting stoked.”

Family Wellness History & Habits. We will work together to unpack all those unhealthy habits you have pulled into adulthood regarding nutrition, exercise, mindset, and social environments. Example, did mom sneak Little Debbie ding dongs and you now sneak them, but realize you don’t even like the damn things? Did your PE Coach embarrass you with weekly weigh ins and now you hate your body no matter what size it is? And more…we figure out what you want to re-wire or get rid of.”

“Hmm…different than I thought working with you would be. I just thought you would have me log my foods and put me on a diet. What is the third concept that comes to mind?”

Devil/Angel, tracking internal conversations. Each one sits on a shoulder and you argue with yourself daily especially with wellness. Maybe the Devil screams ‘Don’t work out, you are tired. The Angel argues, get up – you have a moving streak this week. Don’t give up.’ I will teach you to help the Angel win more and more and not to give in to your Devil. It is like coaching yourself in real time.”

“I am ready. I know improving my health is not going to be easy. I know I will want to run sometimes or throw something at you. Ha. But that is what I need-tough love and support. Sign me up!

“Nicole, I am excited to be a part of your journey. You have enough friends. I am here to introduce new ideas and strategies, push you to be smarter, braver, and stronger than you already are. I am a Motivation Master, and when you stumble and fall, I will be here for you-and not judging you. I will email you a welcome packet, and we will get started next week. Once a client, Nicole, but always family. Welcome to the 3WellnessPillars Family.

Peggy Willms
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