Wrinkle Cream

By: Christine Hersom

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I have been finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping. I am looking for self-care items for young women to help them relax and have some quiet time for themselves. I was in for a shock. The first fifteen items on my search were for wrinkle creams and age spot removers. I mean, “Pfft. Who do these people think they are? They don’t even know the gift recipient, and they are suggesting wrinkle cream and age spot remover.” As a woman, I would be insulted if I received wrinkle cream and age spot remover as a gift. “Is this a hint?”

I should have been more specific in my search. I was looking for a lovely bubble bath, a warm-scented candle, or a book you cannot put down.

Have you noticed that ads for expensive skin care regimens bombard you every time you turn on the television or do a Google search? There are creams for everything. You can get cream to remove your wrinkles, erase your dark spots, and make your skin look like you are twenty again.

I don’t know about you, but I am not twenty. I am positive that I do not want to be twenty. I have earned every wrinkle and dark spot on my body. They tell the story of my life. I have laughed, cried, and lay in the sun. I have worried, been brokenhearted, and sick. As I said, I am positive I don’t want to be twenty again! I like who I am now at this age.

Why does society push this stuff exclusively on women? I never see an ad for a cream that rids men of their wrinkles and dark spots. I am not sure that I have ever seen anything suggesting that men are too old, too wrinkly, or not “pretty” enough.

I participated in The Coach Peggy Real-Time Docuseries Season 1. I learned that people would treat you the way that you allow them to treat you. I thought, “Wow,” the first time Coach said this. It is so true. As women, we have allowed society to dictate how we should look for centuries. Society wants us to be younger, prettier, and thinner. That is why society always tells us we need to use these creams and lotions.

I am sorry. Being told daily that I am not enough because I am an older woman is not what I want to hear. I cannot imagine how the younger women feel. You should hide all signs of aging so that you are still desirable to the World? We need a mindset reset here.

Our wrinkles and age spots are testaments to the life we have led. Some of those wrinkles are from the smiles and laughter throughout life. I never want to lose those. They are filled with good memories. Some of the wrinkles are from hard times. Those hard times contributed to the woman I am today. Let the wrinkles and age spots shine.

Age spots are because I am aging. I thank God daily for the chance at another day.

When I was a child, my parents stressed the need to wash and moisturize my face daily. At age ten, I began doing this for myself. My parents did it for me before that age. I hope my face wasn’t washed for the first time at ten years old.

When I was growing up, SPF sunscreen was unheard of. I lay in the sun, slathered in baby oil. I now know that wasn’t good for me, but it was fun.

I have ranted enough for this blog. I originally started it with the idea of Christmas gifts. It amazes me how my mind runs off sometimes. While the rant was probably selfish, it helped me with my gift ideas.

I have decided on pretty journals and designer pens. I want them to be able to write about their happy times and hard times. When they are my age, they can look back and remember where each one of their wrinkles came from and be proud.

In closing, I want to remind everyone to embrace their aging process. Do not let society dictate that only the young are worth looking at. Let your inner beast out and show them that aging is beautiful.

Christine Marshall Hersom
All Things Wellness, LLC

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