Ah; When the Soul Shines

By: Gina Lobito

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Looking back on my life, there are plenty of times when I believed in myself and my abilities. The one that stands out the most was athletic ability, specifically playing sports. By the time I was 12 years old, I began playing for club soccer and softball teams. Though I was good at both, soccer remained my favorite. It’s where I felt limitless, and the world stood still for 90 minutes.

I once asked my parents what I was like before I could remember playing for an athletic team. My mom simply said, “Gi, you just knew. Your dad and I did not show you how to throw a baseball, kick a soccer ball or shoot a basketball. You just knew the difference between them. You knew how the games were played.”

Thinking about that, I am reminded that each one of us comes into life with imprints. Some are clear from the beginning and others perhaps more subtle and evolve over time as we grow into the comfort of our own skin, sense of self, and confidence to follow an inner calling; a knowing, intuition. The deeper pull which drives our choices that others will not always understand or agree with because that knowing within ourselves comes from a place that is untouched by others. No one else can see it, hear it or feel it. The “knowing” is only for you. Only you can choose to act in accordance with it.

It was clear that I came into this life with an innate ability for athleticism among others. Natural athleticism is NOT what made me great. It was my LOVE for playing the game that fueled me and connected me to greatness and creativity in sports. I could do anything on the field with that ball. I never truly knew how I was doing it. It just flowed, and so did the ability to make moment-by-moment choices as well as choices based on any variable that was constantly in motion. I would see it all without seeing it. Years later, I was out with a couple of friends, one asked me how good I was. I always responded humbly to this question and responded, “I just loved playing.” My other friend immediately interrupted. She and I grew up together playing on the same travel team. She said, “She was good! Really good! It was like her game of chess. She knew every play before anyone else did. She was always multiple steps ahead. If one of us was not where she placed the ball, we would get the look.”  

I laughed, because I had no idea, I would give a look to my teammates. In my thoughts, I just moved on to the next play. I did not dwell on a missed pass. If I did, it was a fleeting moment. I was talented, nothing wrong with owning what one is good at, but I am more interested in what makes an athlete, painter, dancer, writer, engineer, musician, chef, etc. great at what they do. What is it that allows a person to reach a place inside them where they reach these moments of stillness, and all the elements flow into one cosmic motion of time standing still, aligning, and bringing clarity to the events that unfold before them? It’s like they are in a bubble or realm within themself that exists, only they have the key to it. Anyone else just gets invited to the experience.

In my late 30s, I was watching a show called Ancient Aliens. Various scholars discuss lost civilizations (like Atlantis and Lemuria), aliens, Egypt and pyramids, life force, God, and the cosmos. You get the idea. I once heard an anthropologist refer to a dancer lifting off the floor, jumping so high that the dancer became weightless in mid-air. Time and gravity did not exist for a few seconds. The response from the audience is “AH!” Even the audience felt the power of something come through the dancer.  The anthropologist described these moments as, “That’s when Atman comes through” or GOD. Atman in Sanskrit means the essence of the soul and in Hindu means ‘soul or spirit’. Essentially, it refers to the real person inside an individual. It is made of part of the spirit of Brahman who Hindus believe is the one true ultimate God. Therefore, it is not something that can be seen or touched, but it is eternal and everlasting.”[1]

That’s when some limited human understanding clicked for me. I remember thinking, “Oh, that’s how I did it. It was this brief union with my true essence. It was my passion and love of the game that made practicing, competing and traveling from one tournament to the next so easy. It also became more clear to me, the reason why I appreciate watching people in their element of creating or what they are good at. I am in the energy of creation. I am in AH! I am watching the soul shine through.

Perhaps next time when you see a musician, artist, or even your own child in their element of joy and expression, consider for a moment what you just may be witnessing and sit back and silently, make the sound of AH to yourself. Remember that moment is fleeting, yet it will inspire you for a lifetime

[1] (https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/zmgny4j/revision/1)

Gina Lobito
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