Are You Practicing Secretive Self-Care

By: Alysia Lyons

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We all know what self-care is, right?

Taking baths, getting massages, getting your hair and nails done. Taking time away from the kids, significant others, and the world.

Yes, those are excellent ways of taking care of yourself…if you enjoy doing those things and if they are within your budget.

But a lot of times, we don’t enjoy baths (personally, not a fan) or massages (I’ve met lots of people that don’t enjoy them, which I understand a lot less). There are also a lot of moms that don’t have the time or the money to get a massage or take a bath, so what are they supposed to do?

I had a guest on my podcast that helped me to redefine self-care (link below).

Self-care is taking care of self. And if that’s truly what self-care is, you are probably instinctively practicing self-care and do not even know it.

Some of my secretive self-care looks like this:

  • listening to music to shift me out of a bad mood or raise the good mood I’m in. Self-care doesn’t have to only happen when you’re in a bad mood.
  • taking small breaks throughout the day, especially when you are stressing about a deadline
  • connecting with nature – it’s all around us, even if we live in a city. You just have to be looking for it.
  • connecting with people you like
  • going into your bedroom or a closet and crying when you feel overwhelmed.
  • closing the door to the bathroom and going pee alone! Dads do it. Why can’t moms?
  • moving your body, going for a walk, even with the kids, can do wonders for you.

Self-care doesn’t have to take an hour. It doesn’t have to cost money. It doesn’t have to be without your kids.

I love the topic of self-care because I think a lot of moms need to practice more of it. The benefits of self-care far outweigh any of the reasons that you may think you can’t.

A lot of moms don’t take care of themselves because of the misconceptions about what self-care really is. Another reason they may not be taking care of themselves is because they feel guilty about it. I discuss all of these reasons in my webinar called Self-Care…without the guilt. If this is something you struggle with, it’s well worth a listen.

If you’re looking to join a supportive community of Facebook moms, feel free to join my group, Moms Conquering Guilt. I am passionate about helping busy moms determined to enjoy. every day, love on their kids more, and feel freedom in their life. Don’t settle for the status quo; you deserve so much more.

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