Wheel of Fortune

By: Lara Scriba

(3 min read)

Sitting in uncertainty is an incredibly uncomfortable place to be. The messy middle, the gray zone, a place of inaction, yet the mind spins wildly out of control. We try to articulate core desires and non-negotiables to formulate best-case scenarios as if they were all under our control.

I sat at a cafe, mind spinning, and the Wheel of Fortune came to mind. The wheel clicked away as I wondered how to use this momentum to shift my thoughts from a sense of overwhelm to a place of opportunity.

The questions began flooding in.

What does it take to release the grip of the known to allow for fresh new experiences to arrive? As I step into the unknown, how do I trust, let go, release expectations, and embrace the possibility of something beautiful on the other side?

Dysregulation occurs in the presence of impermanence.  As the landscape of our environment changes, our bodies react, seeking predictability. Disorientation takes over as we try to find our center, yet we lose focus with no sense of our true north. 

We must be still and find our center.

Awareness creates a steadiness within us that holds the duality of embodying a sense of stability as the witness and embracing a sense of fluidity as we allow emotions, thoughts, and perceptions to flow through us.

It is blending the uncertainty of the environment with the steadfast belief that we have the ability to move through challenges. Building trust within ourselves and knowing clarity will only come by taking action. The first step requires faith. It’s only after that proof can begin to accumulate.

It begs the ultimate question… How do WE become HOME? Can we create a sense of certainty in an uncertain and ever-changing world?

Immediately the vision of a mother came in. When children begin to explore the world, Mom is  “home base.” Knowing if they get overwhelmed or feel uncertain, they are safe and protected by an unbreakable tether of trust, love, and unwavering confidence that they are capable.

Can we cultivate, nurture, and become that same tether for ourselves? 

I laughed to myself, realizing I already had the answer. I began tapping into the tools I know will always lead me home. Slowing my breath, engaging with the sensations within my body, interpreting the message, and following the nudges of my intuition on how to nurture myself at that moment.

Be still… Breathe.  Notice.  Allow.

The constriction within slowly released as a sense of possibility unfolded within me. Picking up my pen,  I welcomed the wisdom of my inner hype crew, and I could feel my heart wanting to shout from the rooftop…

It’s time to embrace the energy available and create an unshakable faith within us,  allowing us the freedom to explore our world without fear of failure. Screw stepping; let’s leap, dance, and somersault ourselves into the unknown. Smile on our faces, squealing with delight, hands in the air, and fingers spread wide as we try to capture all the curiosities and opportunities the world offers.

Releasing judgment and expectations, we lighten the load. No baggage, history, or tired stories to hold us back. Needing only the courage to take the very next step.

The Wheel of Fortune is constantly spinning. Let’s harness that momentum and hop along for the ride.

Embrace each new experience that is served up, trusting that no matter the presentation, there is a gift being given, a lesson being learned, a resilience being cultivated. Every single step of the way.

Look back only to assess how far you’ve come. Like a slingshot, pulling back only to gain greater momentum and create a powerful impact forward. 

Own our strengths, see potential in the possibilities that lie before us and bear witness to how powerful we actually are. Aiming our energy is where our creativity and curiosities lie.  Exploring the world through recognition of the essence we wish to embody and experience rather than a calculated trajectory our minds mandate.

Embrace the essence of our desires with hearts and arms wide open as we revel in the magic of an experience, that spark of inspiration, a quiet moment of surrender, or an act of grace.

Softly open to the world around us and the opportunities before us. Spinning, the sun upon our faces, our hearts filled with gratitude and an open mind, let our souls be wild and free.

A quiet knowing came in as my pen became still, and my heart was suddenly speechless.

A deep exhale left my body, eyes closed, and my hand upon my chest—I had come home.

Lara Scriba
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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