Be My Firefly

By: Jeanmarie Epps-Trice


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Poppa: Little One, how are you feeling this morning?

Me: Exposed

Poppa: What does a firefly do at night?

Me: It lights up!

(Then I saw the image of a tiny light spark up every few seconds. It is a wonky pattern. Flash over here. Seconds stretch forever, and then, it’s in another spot far away from where it first was)

Poppa: Is it a constant Light?

Me: No, it’s a flash here and… then darkness, and then in another part of the field, it lights up again!

Poppa: What happens between flashes?

Me: There’s another flash of lights in a quick outburst for a few brief seconds. That IS its future, mate!

Poppa: Be my firefly.


And then I saw what Poppa meant by the phrase, “Be my firefly.”

Not like a movie star’s flashy photography flash, but, instead, a gentle, natural, beautiful, soft glow in the midst of a pitch-black darkness on a starless night.

Emotions are a jagged flight path in the darkness of a long, dark, starless night when you feel completely alone and isolated. We all have ‘em; try as hard as we may to hide them from others around you. You know what I mean! Putting on a smile, pretending like nuthin’ is going on, wearing a brave face, while meanwhile inside, the beavers are damming up the creek to hold back the flood of tears coming!  I know! I did not allow myself to cry for almost 40 years!

Poppa: “I am traveling beside you and with you deep within the womb of contemplation. LOVE lights up in the night to guide you along your way so you do not stumble and fall.”

“Be my firefly.”

We, as one people, are traveling together on a very long and dark night, together. I am feeling that there will be times in the upcoming year when many of us will find ourselves bawling our eyeballs out. Whatever comes, whatever goes, we are the same heartbeat together. The only difference is that we are in different places within the field of Night as one planet. Your emotions are like the choppy waves upon the lake as a new storm is coming into your vicinity. You are feeling the changes in your world around you.

Each one of us are beacons of Love lighting up no matter where you are! 

“I am seeing You!” 

We are here to help each other! We are here to encourage one another, giving hope, laughter, or even a long, solid, REAL hug. Sometimes you just need a Big Ole BEAR (((HUG)))!!  

Whether you face the loss of a job, an unexpected disaster, or receiving difficult news from another concerning the welfare of a loved one in a hospital. 

Each one of us is a firefly. Some bright, some very faint. But you are still shining and showing up.

Regardless of what we “appear to be to others,” Papa sees you wherever you are! When you feel like you can’t take another step or cry another tear, flash out an SOS from your heart! I promise you, there is another firefly looking for you—just you!  

Remember, help will come in the best way for you at the exact time you need it. It may be anything from your pet coming up to you and lying down near you or a bird singing brightly outside your window. Or a rainbow across the sky, a gentle breeze caressing and playing with your hair, or even the scent of a flower in your garden. When you place the form of your help in a box, it will take longer for you to receive it.

Relax, breathe through it…it will come. It’s called Conscious Breathing. Take a deep breath, feel it moving through your body, and hold for a moment. Then, breathe out slowly through your lips. I do my best for just five minutes at a time every waking hour. 

My last request for help came in the tiny form of a honeybee that took time away from gathering pollen. I saw it outside my patio door, on the 2nd floor, so I walked outside with a cup of hot tea. As I was standing next to the railing, leaning on the iron rail with the cup cradled loosely between my hands, I saw her from the corner of my right eye. She landed upon the top of my left hand, and I relaxed into the moment of now. She crawled gently, in and out, between my fingers and the palms of both hands holding the cup. She then flew to my left shoulder and then crawled onto the skin by my neck. The next moment she was in my eyesight in front of me, I felt within my heart… a tiny voice, “Don’t give up! We need you!” This is what I needed so desperately at the crossroads of life.  

Expect your miracle, but extend Grace to the Universe to allow it to come in the form of Love that IT chooses! The Universe knows exactly how to find you, as your Light carries your own special vibration within your heartbeat. This is the Light within YOU.  

As I remember, fireflies don’t show up one at a time. They come in swarms! However, each one is spread out from the main group, as it does its own thing. Sorta like each one of us!  It shines its Light in its own space. So, wherever you are, shine your Light because you are the answer to someone’s prayer in his/her dark moment of emotions. Knowing that another is close to you is all you need.

Be Real. Be You. Be your authentic Truth and Know you are exactly where you need to Be.

Jeanmarie Epps-Trice
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