Cultivating Connection – March Energy Forecast

By: Lara Dustin Scriba


(3 min. read)

It is time to emerge from the cocoon we so lovingly created in February. We allowed ourselves to nestle into the energy of origins, to clarify and claim the elements that speak directly to the heart.  

We dared to dream and allowed ourselves to experiment, play and get curious about what vision, what embodiment best reflects our next season of evolution.

Though we may feel a little shaky as we claim this new vision for ourselves, it’s time to speak our truth. To not only proclaim our new reality, but start to walk the talk, to take action in the world to bring it into form. To begin to not only have conversations with the self but invite our intuition and others to the table.

Clarity comes through conversation; truths are revealed when we allow ourselves to speak from the heart. Energy gains momentum when spoken out into the world.

Tease out the untruths or old stories that no longer need to be told. Honor and release this energy, as there is an abundance of new energy available to you; there is no need to recycle old narratives.

Devote your time and attention to creating a new story, your craft, and the vision you hold for yourself, and move forward in this direction. Build momentum by taking one small step at a time, even if you’re feeling unsure.

Trust is built by taking consistent action, and it’s ok if these actions are imperfect. This is where the trust comes in. We build trust in ourselves and in our intuition, knowing that even if we step off course, we will know how to find our way back to center. Certain that we are clear about the energy we are attuning ourselves to, even if we fumble to find the right fit along the way.

We don’t have to commit to a specific vision at all costs, but we do have to commit to honoring the self each step of the way. To tend to, be with, and nurture ourselves as we grow, evolve, and bravely branch out. 

When we are clear about what makes us feel grounded, loved, safe, and expansive, we can begin to recognize resonance out in the world.

Who or what makes YOU come alive?

Where do you feel most at home?

When do you feel most inspired or fully expressed?

We often experience anxiety when our sense of creativity is muted or unexpressed. Choose a person, a modality, or type of movement that allows your energy to become expansive.

Rather than compartmentalize these parts of ourselves, challenge yourself to let your creativity blend and bleed into all aspects of your life.

Play with ways to collectively stay connected to yourself, your intuition, and others, and begin to notice the quality of your connections transform.

Collaborate with others who bring out the best in you that mirror the qualities you deeply value that reflect back the beauty that you hold.

Open up your energy field and invite in the flow of give and take. We can show up fully in life when we are adequately sourced. We were never meant to go on this journey alone; allow yourself to be supported, seen, and valued.

If you feel disoriented or overwhelmed, place your hand on your heart, reorient to the body, to the breathe, listen, find your center, and come back home.

Like the breath, connection is a playful dance of expansion and contraction, of collaboration and contemplation. Play in the polarities of these energies, and it’s ok to vacillate between the two. Follow your intuition, follow the flow, and find connection in the most unconventional spaces.

Together, we can conquer, create, heal, cultivate, express, and experience the world in the most extravagant of ways when we allow ourselves to remain centered in the self yet connected to the collective energy available to us all.

Notice how this energy of connection plays out this month; reach out and share with me. I love to hear what resonated for you and the stories and synchronicities that unfold!


Lara Scriba
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC
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