Becoming Independent

By: Gina Lobito

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On the morning of July 4th, 2022, Independence Day in the United States, I noticed I woke up with feelings of anger and sadness. I thought this to be interesting. It’s rare I wake up feeling this way. I continued to acknowledge these feelings as I began connecting with the morning.

As a daily practice I check in with my BODY, EMOTIONS, HEART, and MIND. This assists me in attuning and setting the foundation of my day from a heart centered space.

I paused and sat with my body as I took a sip of water from my glass. I “felt into” the anger and sadness as If I was having a silent conversation with the emotions. I deepened my breathing and invoked the energy of violet fire to assist in clearing my field of anything that is not in resonance with the frequency of love and resonance with my body. This practice allowed the energy to be transfigured and transmuted from the fields of my body, so I do not attach to the emotions I was experiencing. I could observe them as energy and information.

This practice is not always easy depending on the intensity of my emotions; however, it’s moments like this that I am grateful to have developed a certain level of awareness and practices to support the management of my empathic nature and maintain the wellness of my energetic body and state of being. Out with the breath, the intensity of the emotions dissipated, and tears ran down my face.

I realized I was feeling the collective energy. Something is more intense today. One of the best things to do is move the body. So, I called the dogs, put their leads on and off to the trail we went. As we walked, I realized it’s about one week after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade decision on abortion which has ignited the emotions of the country, if not world. About two hours later, I learned there was also a mass shooting at Highland Park in Illinois during a 4th of July parade killing and injuring many people. Sadly, this act of violence has become far too common in the United States of America. “According to data from the Gun Violence Archive there have been at least 314 mass incidents in 2022, for an average of 1.7 per day including Highland Park. . . The organization counts any shooting in which four or more people are shot – excluding the shooter – as a mass shooting. [1]

I cannot help but to wonder how deep the wounds and separation one person must be going through to create such an act of violence. I can only guess the action may be an attempt to control the external forces of life and maintain some false sense of control of their own life and inner power. One can only guess…

Now politics does not interest me much; however, I do pay attention to current events and the impact of the choices our governing bodies make. For me, I pay attention to the energetic pulse or ripple of energy those choices send out. So, this morning, I was feeling the emotions that traveled along the energetic currents and pathways of the human psychic field. None of us are immune to participating in the wave of energies sent and received from every thought and action. It’s literally in the air. In our psyche. In our cells. It’s energy.

It has no beginning, and it has no end. Like the soul. There is no beginning, and no end. The soul is power and carries with it information that is released as consciousness awakens to support the soul’s next stage of evolution to return to the light and remember what it is to be SOVEREIGN and FREE. Perhaps create heaven on Earth

This natural evolution of the soul to return to light and remember FREEDOM is no different than what I am witnessing with the United States of America, let alone the world. This country is on its own healing journey along with those who reside here. This is the country I was born into founded in violence to be INDEPENDENT. Being a first-generation North American woman, I do not take it for granted the reasons my father, like so many other immigrants, made their way to the United States of America.

To simply put it, FREEDOM! To be INDEPENDENT (free of external controls). To create a better life.

Yet so many of us take “FREEDOM” for granted or perhaps do not truly understand the true nature of “FREEDOM.” It’s a state of being. No one can give it to you, and no one can truly take it away. The codes of freedom are within you all the time. One must discover the key to unlock their inner freedom.

Have we forgotten our own personal power and ability to “control” our lives and inner state of being, including emotions and actions?

Perhaps, being afraid of personal power is what makes it so easy to freely give it away to something outside of us, then feel controlled by the external force and desiring to be set free. Does this deep, often unconscious fear, or perhaps deep unresolved wound(s), feed the acts of violence and abuse that any of us has the potential to express?

If I make a choice, then I have no one else to put the responsibility onto except myself, as I experience the consequences of that choice.

We give our power away in the seemingly insignificant everyday choices. Like choosing where to go for dinner. We are so quick to say, “I don’t care what you chose.” Only to criticize the choice of another if you do not like the food, quickly forgetting you chose to allow someone else to make the decision for you.

Sometimes you can become angered when something or someone exerts an external power over you, no matter how big or small the exertion might be. It’s still power over another. Or is the anger a projection and truly more about yourself, failing to honor or acknowledge something within you that gave “permission” to be controlled?

There is WISDOM in the ANGER.  There is WISDOM in EMOTIONS.

To be controlled by something external of ourselves goes against our Divine Nature and Divine Will. One cannot control God; however, this energy of GOD resides within us all. Yet we try to control and exert our own power over it, and over another, as opposed to recognizing the higher power, which runs through us. Higher Power and attributes of your soul which incorporates the energy of love, power, and wisdom (illuminated or higher consciousness) as you make choices. One must recognize the act of surrender to the Higher Self and Universal Light and draw that energy into physical being.

To surrender to your Divine Nature and Will of God within you, is to allow this power to direct your life through the heart and mind in the highest way possible. At times it can be challenging to obtain this state of Higher Consciousness especially when emotions are running high, and clarity is lost. One must learn to reconcile the current of emotions running in the circuitry of the body and decipher the message and return to the depths of the HEART and Higher Self.

A mentor of mine once described EMOTIONS as ENERGY IN MOTION.  In the years I studied with her, part of a regular practice was chanting a mantra, “I AM NOT MY BODY” as I learned to connect with the Higher Self or I AM presence. What I have learned is this practice and integration with the Higher Self is evolving and is a practice of becoming. Like muscle memory when learning a new skill, creating new neurological pathways. It takes practice and a willingness to allow the process to occur until you just are and become the light you seek. It’s not something you can simply read about; one must experience this inner transformation and physical expression which moves through the vehicle of the body in relation to the world governed by universal and physical laws in order to master the self and ascend in consciousness and transcend the human experience of form. One must choose to no longer live or experience polarity and recognize you are one with the whole of life and evolve into oneness.

It is natural to resist external forces which seek or are perceived to control you.

When the soul feels an external force attempting to control it will contract.

Think about what happens in your own body when you feel someone is trying to control you or manipulate you. Or you are faced with a decision/situation that just does not feel right to you. You might say, “ I can just feel it in my bones.”  What happens? Does your stomach tighten? Do you have a “gut” feeling? Fight, flight and freeze might occur in the body. Emotions might rise to the surface. Your body and your soul are signaling you all the time to move in a certain direction. To align with the GOD attributes within you, align with the light of your heart.

The same can be said when filled with excitement or joy. There is a deeper reason why people say, “Do not make a decision when emotions are running high.” Emotions interfere with your clarity. It can be so easily overlooked to return to your heart center even through your excitement for something or someone. Learn to give space between you and your emotions.

I know for me, when I am not aligned or I am listening to something that is not aligned, it comes out in anger and frustration or gulp in my throat. Over time I have learned to decipher my own body codes. Ultimately, I will lash out verbally to create my boundary if needed. Others may express it through violence, physical acts of rage, or become oppressed and docile. It may look like abruptly quitting a job, or leaving a relationship, the list can go on and on.

To allow an external force to control the DIVINE WILL of the SOUL interferes with its true nature of freedom and expression and journey to become INDEPENDENT (free of external controls) while being part of the synergy of the system as a whole.

You may be wondering how this relates to the United States of America. As a country it is also on its own quest to be FREE and INDEPENDENT and is going through its own HEALING JOURNEY to give way from external control and maintain its own sense of power to maintain “FREEDOM.” The mis-qualification of power over others is being dismantled while also desperately trying to hang on to its old ways of governing and controlling the people.

Does this sound familiar to you in your own healing journey? Are you holding on to old patterns while trying to create a new one? It makes sense, through the lens of healing, that the country is a reflection of choices and has light and dark the same as you and I do. This country, whether it realizes it or not, is on a path of ascension, healing its wounds moving from polarity and division and ultimately moving toward unity, then oneness.

Though the exertion of control may be depicted in different ways than literal chains and shackles, we can see it in our laws, various cultures. Corporations, pharmaceuticals, news outlets, and financial institutions are priming us all for what’s to come. Hello, inflation anyone? Raising and lowering interest rates. In my eyes, it’s a manipulation of energy, power, etc. We also witness the populations’ response to being controlled through these symbolic chains in acts of violence, protest, and movements like Black Lives Matter and Me Too just to name a few.

As a light worker and a soul that’s going through an infinite awakening, I now see The World through multiple lenses.

Hopefully you can begin to recognize that the United States of America is also on its healing journey as a nation, states, counties, local municipalities, and residents. We have a long way to go in healing our wounds, forgiving the past and to surrender to a higher power as this country can step into its own divinity and become united and ultimately remember that we are one and an aspect of the whole of this planet.

We cannot be united while invoking fear, separation, and oppression of people. To truly know the experience and embody the essence of Liberty and Freedom the United States of America must also UNEARTH its SHADOWS to be illuminated, transformed, and transmuted back into Light which our hearts seek to be.

May the Heart of this country be reignited. May it be reminded of the flame Lady Liberty holds so high as she graces the waters and port of entry in New York. May the world be reminded of her symbolism of enlightening the world, freedom, justice, friendship, hope, and liberation.

May one day, peace return to this country’s heart and soul. May the United States of America continue to be a beacon of light and one day embody and express the true essence of what it is to be the LIGHT, Independent, Liberated and Free.

I cannot help to ask myself this question: What does Independence and Freedom spark in your own healing journey toward oneness?

I invite you to sit with this question, let it percolate inside you and allow the answer to float to the surface. What you write down today may change tomorrow as you evolve.

May you know comfort and peace during these times of change and transformation.

[1] (

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