Through Glass

By: Lori Walker

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In my second blog Let It Be, I mentioned that my son indulged (and appreciated) my music tastes. But he also schooled me on the top tracks of his generation. One of the most memorable was a melancholy song called Through Glass by the band Stone Sour.

 “I’m looking at you through the glass…don’t know how much time has passed…Oh, God, it feels like forever…”

 The rest of the lyrics are open to interpretation. Is the glass distorted, not giving an accurate image? Could it be clear glass representing separation?  Or is it the lens of a camera?

 Perception. According to Merriam Webster, the definition is “a judgment resulting from awareness or understanding.” The Oxford Dictionary explains, “The way you notice things, especially with the senses.” Lastly, Wikipedia states, “Perception is also shaped by the recipient’s learning, memory, expectation and attention.”

I wasn’t familiar with the term empath until a few years ago. I took a class at my local community college called Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. One night, after class, I was chatting with the instructor. All I said was, “I have a lot of emotions, and I can’t always control them. When I’m up, I’m really up and when I feel sad, it gets pretty intense. My mother was going to have me tested for bipolar disorder when I was a teenager. When I was little, the most common word they used to describe me was moody.”

She simply said, “Oh, there’s nothing wrong with you! You’re an Empath!” When I did the research, I felt total relief. I don’t fit into every category, but who is supposed to anyway?

My enthusiasm gets me into trouble. A lot! I volunteer for everything. I want to help others so badly that I forget not everyone wants or needs my help!

Just recently, I realized that I had no idea how much I pay attention to body language. Especially facial expressions. Someone also pointed out to me that I analyze and filter everything before I respond. I didn’t even know I was doing it, but it’s been with me since childhood. It was my way of “fitting in.”

People tend to classify themselves as introvert or extrovert. I fall in between. I was comforted when I came across the term omnivert.

“Most people have a misconception that introversion and extroversion dictate a person’s social preferences. However, the real sign of an introvert is that they recharge when they are alone. Extroverts, on the other hand, recharge when they are with people.

Omniverts rollercoaster between being an introvert and extrovert. This means their personality type is entirely situational. Triggering stressors could force them to swing too hard either way, making it seem like they have a dual personality.”[1]

This is my daily life. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I’m fine. But living alone and being an Empty Nester can be brutal at times.

That’s where music comes in. It can change my mood and outlook instantly. It’s not that I’m running away from a problem. It means it’s time to stop dwelling on it for a while.

I’m a beginning writer. I never had hopes and dreams of being published nor would I have ever considered blogging! But a wonderful Coach has made this opportunity possible. She has me totally convinced that we can change people’s lives by sharing our stories. I’m turning into a believer!

 I also believe we can bridge the gap between comparing our lives to others. In my case, money always seems to be the determining factor of my self-worth. I’m working on that, one step at a time. I’ve filed for an LLC to start a mobile notary business as my side hustle. I’m looking forward to new possibilities!

 The only thing I truly want out of life is happiness. And I feel that the only way is through personal connection. That’s why I write. I hope someone reads my words, and it makes them feel a little bit better.

 I’ve shown you what I see Through Glass. Kindness. Love. Understanding. Compassion. Perception can change, but only if you let someone in. We think we can handle our own problems. We put up a strong front because we don’t want to be considered weak or needy.

 Don’t judge a book by its cover. You have no idea what a person is going through. Their thoughts, their pain, and their feeling of isolation could be buried under a brilliant disguise. A few simple words could be all they need to keep going.

 “And while you’re outside looking in… describing what you see… remember what you’re staring at is me…” Corey Taylor 


Lori Walker
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