Choices Lead to Change

By: Faith Pearce

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The 12th of March 2020 is a date that sticks in my mind as the day everything changed forever. Prior to this, every day was monotonous; eat, sleep, work, repeat. I hardly ate and drank most nights to disconnect, which resulted in a weight gain of about thirty pounds. Moving around was getting more uncomfortable. I used prescription drugs to go to sleep and had constant back pain. I never socialized. Finances were in a total mess, and debt was coming out of my ears. Everything felt overwhelming, and there were times I didn’t want to be here. One constant remained –  work. When I got to see and talk to other humans, it felt safe, and it kept me grounded. After nearly ten years in the same role, my tasks came easily, so I dreaded going home. I would go to many car parks for hours, watch the world go by or play games on my phone. I never saw my daughter or other family members, preferring to shut myself off. 

But this day changed everything. We had heard about the health issues in China on the news but didn’t realize what would happen next. Then, in the afternoon, we had an email, and within minutes computers were shut down, disconnected, and paperwork gathered. We were all being sent to work from home—the one place I dreaded and hated to be. 

On top of this, four days later, due to Covid, the whole country was put into a national lockdown. Not only could I not go to work, but I couldn’t leave the house. I felt trapped. Was the Universe having a joke with me? I was saturated in the things I didn’t want. I drank more and hit rock bottom after months. Miserable and alone. I could no longer avoid everything around me. It was sink or swim. And I decided to swim. First, I stopped drinking completely and became more present with myself. My daughter and I talked daily, and our relationship became stronger. I started to get more organized at home and decorated my home office. I put myself forward for a public coaching program, allowing myself to be seen and vulnerable. I lost over thirty pounds. I reorganized my house, started eating healthier, and reconnected with people I hadn’t in years. I never returned to the office and eventually moved to a customer-facing role.

Taking those first steps helped me get my life together and find happiness again. 

I will always be eternally grateful for the Covid pandemic because it forced me to address many things I had been avoiding. I believe something good comes from every situation, and we always have choices. 

Faith Pearce 
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