Coming Home

By: Lara Dustin Scriba


(2 min. read)


It is incredibly interesting to see what remains standing when all the structures around you fall away. Times of transition require that you look at the patterns around you and strive to understand your own internal compass, challenging old assumptions, expectations, and outdated, cultivating patterns, structures, and perspectives that support the new narrative.

Begging the questions: If you allowed yourself to orient towards your current evolution and fully embrace what makes you come alive, what would you immerse yourself into?

What does the flow state feel like for you? What are you doing in the moments when it feels effortless, expansive, intuitive, energizing, and easeful?

How do you see yourself nurturing this in your current environment? What containers of support can you create to allow this energy to grow and expand?

Taking internal and external environments into consideration, what do you currently have the capacity for at this time?

If you were to simply do it for the love of it, as an act of service for self or others, what would those things be?

What is yearning to be creatively expressed, and through which medium? Writing, music, movement, art, teaching, creating?

What small daily contributions can you make to add to your collective body of work?

These are the questions I am asking myself as I am in a phase of reinvention. Slowly, I am consciously building the structures I need to support my most authentic, creative, and connected self. I am orienting over and over again to what feels like “coming home” within me while living in a very fluid environment. I am the constant, I am the center, I am where it all needs to begin.

As I contemplate these questions, I notice the biggest shift that has occurred, which is that I am no longer looking outside of myself for the answers. The world around me informs my awareness and opportunities, but it is through resonance that I create my own eclectic expression of bliss.

There is an intense feeling of curiosity and creativity as I allow myself to simply be open rather than grasping for answers and gripping to possibilities I know are not meant for me. 

Earlier this year, as I began my adventure, I was encouraged to create a “parking lot” for all my ideas and insights, allowing myself space and time to let things marinate during a time when I am unable to implement or act on many of them. Offering them a place to land, so there is no need to fear that it will all be forgotten. This neutral space allows me not to have to commit or act on anything and simply notice what takes hold in my mind and takes root in my day-to-day reality.

Rather than searching for the right answer, I find myself asking more and more questions as new possibilities open up each day and my perspective shifts. Recognizing how limiting needing to “know” really is gives me permission to explore and expand my inner and outer worlds as I redefine what “home” truly means to me.


Lara Scriba
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