Conscious Contact

By: Cyndi Wilkins 


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What in your life would change if you suddenly became aware that your every thought, every action, and every word ever spoken are all cataloged in the memory of the entire universe and observed in every moment of your life? 

Would you be more mindful of what you say and do…or even think? Would you be bold enough to embrace the ‘truth’ when you discover this awareness has a name? It is called accountability. Meaning taking responsibility for every level of being you have ever been a participant in throughout your experiences of life. ALL your lives.

It is a very delicate dance filled with opportunities for the advancement of the soul in service to the greater good. But first, we must recognize anything that increases separation diminishes one’s strength and contaminates the soul. We see this unfortunate scenario playing out as a power struggle among the world’s global elite.

Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of strategic biasing information pouring into our hearts and minds via the media. An article I published on LinkedIn in 2015, entitled “The Power To Choose,” perfectly illustrates the directional flow of consciousness in the world today and why hatred has been running so rampant. Please give it a read if you are so inclined. I think you will find it eerily prophetic.

However, it is important for all of us to remember a system engaged in such deceptive practices as ‘divide and conquer’ is the ultimate failure. The time is now for a purpose-driven strategic shift in our emotional state with the knowledge and vision to see beyond the current chaotic state of the world. A shift I call ‘Conscious Contact.’

Our primary role here is to evolve ourselves from the inside out. First, by taking responsibility for clearing our own emotional closets. And second, by interacting with other heart-based, positive, emotion-fueled individuals to establish a new collective of neural pathways to improve our ability to self-manage our emotions and regulate our physiological state in a sort of ‘global grassroots’ uprising of consciousness for the good of all forms of life. Not just humans.

The path to this transformation is in overcoming our fears. Fear energy is all around us. Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of retaliation should we speak the truth when we recognize injustices. Fear of love. Fear of being vulnerable. And the most difficult of all, fear of trusting another with our own heart.

We fear the emotional pain of exposing ourselves fully. However, that is the path to transformation. Full-on expression of the frequency of love that lies just beyond our deepest fears. The path to freedom.

We must learn to express ourselves intelligently, with an approach of courage rather than fear. Learn to move from a reactive outer state to that of reflective inner calm. Learn that wanting what you want when you want it is not enough when sharing in a relationship.

Be it in business or personal relationships, you must respect each other. Share your common concerns as a ‘partnership’ from a place of humble regard for each other, not from a place of fear of upsetting the other. Or worse, by attacking them. There must be an established neutral ground of transference. Find your common ground.

Value the needs of others (and the earth) as much as you value your own, and you will leave the energies of doubt and fear behind and rise into a lighter, higher vibration of love and mutual regard. This is what the world so desperately needs from all of us.

-God Bless,


” And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” – Friedrich Nietzsche. 

Cyndi Wilkins
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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